Second Gilded Age compliments of Tech Money

We currently must be going through the Second Gilded Age.

The reason I say this is because the wealth distribution today is mind boggling.

With all the wealth in Silicon Valley…it’s like these people have no concept of reality.

SV elite are  lucky to make it big.  But, the fact is they will always have gobs of money regardless of some catastrophe.  Their children will carry on the lifestyle. The money will always be there. It will never go away unless they are stupid with money.

All they really care about is keeping their money safe. They show us their privileged lifestyle on social media and pretend they are blessed beyond belief…but I know that most of them are hoping that UBER goes public, or that the economy doesn’t suffer a huge correction.

None of them seem to work really hard. Mark Zuckerberg recently took off three months for paternity leave because of his company policy.  Most of society doesn’t have that same choice.  He also felt obliged to pen a heartfelt letter to his newborn child…extolling his admiration and dreams for her. Oh…and also shared it with the world.

Another thing Silicon Valley elitists spend a lot of time are on private jets. THey always seem to be traveling to Hawaii. They show us the wine they are drinking. They are the first in line for gadgets, or Tesla’s. They do podcasts, or when they quit a job put out a press release.  They need time off when some tragedy occurs.  They talk up products which sometimes fail…think of Juicero.  They certainly skew democrat even thought they represent the .5% of society.  They aren’t spending lots of time in the urban cities talking about democratic social issues. Most of the time they are jetsetting, buying real estate or sleeping.

With  the recent tragedies  in the world, I haven’t heard many of them stepping up and having a voice.   But, just like the first Gilded Age, things will change one day.







Golden Globes this Weekend!

The Golden Globes are on this weekend and I can’t wait to see them!

This is the best night on television partly because there will be so many celebrities out on the town.

I can’t wait to see who will be sitting in the coveted power table smack dab in the middle of the room.

I will take a guess and say that Margot Robbie will be at that table.

Sorry Cameron Diaz.

You have expired according to Hollywood standards.

I’ll have an update if my prognosis is correct.

I am sure that Hamilton dude will be there,  too.

And Robert Downey, Jr.

Yes…that train of thought was completely random but it makes sense to a Golden Globes  audience.


Does a Job Exit require a Press Release?

Does a job exit require a press release nowadays?

When a person quits a job why does it have to be the most dramatic exit ever?

Hey…I’m going to put out a press release and say how important I am and how indispensable I am to the world.

A lot of famous people do this and people in the finance, entertainment and tech world. There are many examples out in the world. No. Not at the local level like leaving a job at a supermarket. But, famous people do it all the time. Look at the guy who left Hamilton? I am sure there is a press release out there somewhere extolling his contribution to the world and life itself.

Dear World,

I am a very important person. But I have decided in the best interest for myself and my loved ones that I am quitting a job to relax and spend my days freely.

Eh..I hope this doesn’t come across as bragging and boastful. But, I am ok with that. I have made my way. I want to retire early and enjoy my fruits of labor. Also, I was getting a little bored and just wanted to regroup and seek out new employment. It will happen soon. I promise.

In the meantime, I am leaving you with a press release to magnify my accomplishments and so you can understand my struggle.

You see. My life is very important. I am a very important person with important things to do and work is just getting in my way.

So, please accept my job press release as who I am.  I mean…it’s my life. OK?


A person who has a press release to leave a job.

Oh. Ok.

You can shave that beard now….thanks!

Ok..the beard trend has got to go….

Have all men with beards lost their mind?head-152235_640

Recently, I ran into someone I hadn’t seen in about a year,  and was shocked to see that over the course of a year, he had grown a beard.

Sadly, it wasn’t a nicely groomed, trim beard, but an unruly, multicolored long haired beard.

The hair on his beard was longer than my hair.  And I am a woman with a bob haircut, or “lob”  which is a trendier way to say “long bob.”

I was repulsed even being in his presence.  I wanted to chop it off with some nail scissors, or whatever sharp item was in my purse at the time.

When I first saw him, I also felt concerned for his mental health:

  1. Is he secretly having a mini meltdown like that Howard Hughes dude who went crazy?   Beards are a precursor to mental breakdowns….
  2. Is he down and out on his luck?..I was pretty concerned.  
  3. Does he own a mirror?  The mirror never lies..
  4. Why isn’t he afraid of his future relationships?    C’mon…the girlfriend /wives didn’t sign up for this grizzly look…
  5. Worried about his move up the corporate ladder…?  You know, Boss man didn’t hire him for his “creative expression through bearding”….   Now with the beard, his boss keeps a close eye on him; probably will be fired soon.
  6. What crisis happened to him? He used to look normal…  things have changed;  He’s that weird dude in the corner now, that wears nice clothes, but still looks down and out. 

I suggest a new rule :

Any women who allow beards on their dudes,  should be forced to grow their own underarm arm,  too….it’s equally gross.

We aren’t living in the late 60s or 70s… or in the 1700s either.

There is a thing called a disposable razor.  A mirror.  Water..shave cream…and self awareness.