Golden Globes this Weekend!

The Golden Globes are on this weekend and I can’t wait to see them!

This is the best night on television partly because there will be so many celebrities out on the town.

I can’t wait to see who will be sitting in the coveted power table smack dab in the middle of the room.

I will take a guess and say that Margot Robbie will be at that table.

Sorry Cameron Diaz.

You have expired according to Hollywood standards.

I’ll have an update if my prognosis is correct.

I am sure that Hamilton dude will be there,  too.

And Robert Downey, Jr.

Yes…that train of thought was completely random but it makes sense to a Golden Globes  audience.


Jason Mraz at The Stone Pony

Jason Mraz performed at the Stone Pony in Asbury Park, NJ a few days ago.

I was lucky enough to secure some tickets to go see him at this iconic venue.

First off… the Stone Pony is the place where Bruce Springsteen began his career. 

When you think of the Stone think of Bruce.

When I first got tickets to go see Jason Mraz  I was secretly hoping that maybe Bruce would show up and do a surprise set with Grammy award winner Mraz.

But, after noticing on his Bruce’s Instagram he was playing in Europe it wasn’t going to happen. But…if Bruce was in town I bet he would’ve stopped by.  He’s done it before. 

Then I thought of Jon Bon Jovi, another local New Jerseyan.  He  would stop by for sure. He’s not doing much lately.  But no.  He was too busy as well. 

I guess I was kind of naive to think that these mega stars would just drop by and sing a song or two.  But a girl can dream.

But…back to the concert.

I was super excited to hear Jason Mraz  play his solo acoustic show. It was just him, a stool, his guitar and nothing else. He was trying out some new material which did not disappoint.  His new songs were amazing.  

His set mixed in old songs like “The Remedy”, “Beautiful Mess”, “93 million miles” along with some new catchy songs.

All his new material had the essence of Mraz from his early days.  I really loved an untitled song “If you think you’ve seen it all”.  It was perfect.

Even though it was an acoustic night all his new songs were musically mature.

The reason I am saying that is because all his new music left me humming the tunes well after the show ended.  All I  wanted to do was go out and listen to all those new songs on Spotify.  

Sadly, we will have to wait for the release.

It is clear that this might be one of his best albums to come.

The vibe of the Stone Pony.  

Even though the venue was small and intimate the tone of the evening was energetic.

I had been at the Stone Pony before and it is a dive bar.  Dark, cramped, full of annoying people.

Jason’s show was wall to wall… elbow to elbow.. packed full of concertgoers.

Jason came out at the beginning of his set and even quipped that he was a little worried about the fire hazard of having so many people in the venue. Ha! Luckily I was standing near some exits.  

But even I knew the odds were against us if an emergency happened.  There were SO many people crammed in there.

The average age of Mraz concertgoers were about 35-40 year olds mixed with some 20 something millennials.  

Some 35-40 year olds brought along their toddlers/children …of course…wearing cute Mraz fedoras.  

The twenty something millennials spent most of the night snapchatting and going to the bathroom. 

I had the lovely experience of being jammed up next to a group of 20 something sorority girls who were there only to hear Jason’s famous songs like “Lucky”, or “I’m Yours”, etc.

Sadly…those songs were usually at the end of the show so I knew it was going to be a long night.

The sorority girls did not disappoint in their impatience.   

When I first arrived at the venue the line was out the door.  I knew my hopes of getting a front row spot were impossible.  After cramming myself through the already crowded venue I was able to position myself in front of the club’s sound board.  It was about 7 pm  and I was in the “last row.”

But others who must have known the show started at 8 pm came later and filled in behind me.  I  was no longer in the back row.  I was now about 4 rows in.

The four rows in didn’t make much of a difference since most of the large,  tall men with their dates were blocking any reasonable view of the stage.  

Waiting in a crowded space for an hour might seem like fun…. but it’s challenging.


But maybe we should blame it on the venue.

The venue space was tight, hot and full of different age groups.  

Of course the millennials would be a little more distracted with their snapchats and texting.

The older crowd goers wanted to savor every moment and reflect back on certain songs that Mraz pulled out of his career catalog. 

One particular song he played “Too much Food” he flubbed the lyrics… but that’s what made the concert so special and real.  It was very humbling.

Also, he mentioned it was the second time he had played that song in 10 years.  But it sounded so fresh and current…it just fit in perfectly.

Imagine  Jason …on stage, strumming his guitar, the crowd happy, singing and learning some of the new songs with him,  too.  Mraz welcomed with open arms the crowd singing.  This was how the whole night was from start to finish.  A big sing fest.

It was a great party that was filled with happy vibes.  

There were some quiet moments when he played his new stuff but the songs had catchy beats and lyrics that were very easy to enjoy.

As the night went on Jason played nonstop for two hours. He played hits like “I’m Yours” , “You and I”, “Lucky” , “3 things” , “The Woman I love” and some new songs “Chocolate”, “Making it up” , “Work in Progress”, “Got their own sh**” to  name a few.  He even fit in the Mr. Rogers neighborhood song. 

It’s clear that his maturity as a musician has come to a grand peak.  Jason is an amazing entertainer and so gifted it was pretty exciting to be with him in such an intimate venue like the Stone Pony. 

Certainly a once in a lifetime experience.

If you want to get a taste of the night I am sure there are some YouTube videos floating around somewhere.  

 A night of joyful singing and drunk sorority girls.





Pregnancy after Chrissy

Oh no.

There is something wrong in the universe.


Well….it was recently reported that Behati Prinsloo….Adam Levine’s magical wifey.…and him were involved in a fender bender.

Thankfully, no one was hurt. Phew.

But…now that Chrissy is no longer pregnant maybe she is cursing some magical thinking into the Universe.

Maybe she is responsible for the fender bender?

It’s possible that Chrissy could be wishing that no other mamas are allowed to be pregnant?  A little far fetched.  I know.  But let’s look more closely.

First.  Chrissy was a part of the original pregnancy hierarchy.  See below the path:

  1. Kim Kardashian …gave the pregnancy overcoat wand to…
  2. Chrissy Teigen…who was also pregnant  at the same time with….
  3. Anne Hathaway… who couldn’t figure out her preggo fashion sense but finally did  after…
  4. Behati Prinsloo  announced her pregnancy and all of the girls above would be left in pregnancy fashion shame.

Since this official chart was made…there has been an overload of pregnancy announcements.

Megan Fox, Olivia Wilde, Hilaria Baldwin…  they all are pregnant!  Even Liv Tyler is nearing her third trimester.   There are so many…I can’t keep up.

Heck the Universe can’t handle it any more!  And when that happens chaos ensues.

For example…. The universe can’t handle these mind blowing pregnancies…so chaos starts and bad things happen like fender benders and bad paparazzi photos of pregnant stars on vacations.

Oh Chrissy..let some other mama’s have a chance.  You can get pregnant again soon. Promise!


Kate’s whirlwind India tour

Dearest Kate,


I am so happy that your grandmother-in-law.. the Queen… gave you an opportunity to hang with some peeps from India and Bhutan at Kensington Palace.  

It’s great practice for when you arrive in the real India and Bhutan.   Good call Queen Mama.

No worries though. You’ll have your hunky hubby with you… and probably like 100s of photographers documenting your every move.

Just remember…stay close to your hubby and keep moving along.

Have fun!


A concerned friend. are going to the Taj Mahal! Start packing!


Dearest Kate,

Congratulations!  The news is you are going to visit the Taj Mahal during your royal trip to India.  

What? You are not that excited about going?  Is that why you were so indecisive?   

Well, it’s only natural to be worried about the state of your marriage. 

Remember?  It was only  2 months after Princess Diana visited the Taj Mahal  when her hubby Prince Charles kicked her out of the castle.  

So,   it’s understandable why that  vacay spot isn’t the happiest place on earth…especially for your hubby.  

I am sure Prince William wasn’t old enough to put two and two together…. but today?  Well he must have given it some thought.   He probably doesn’t want to tempt his own marriage by visiting the same spot where Diana was all alone and almost divorced!

No one could forget that lonely image of  Diana sitting by herself against that huge backdrop. It would make anyone cry.

But Kate…no worries.  

Your hubby is more of a “hands on” hubby.  He’s emotional and thoughtful.  Those qualities are pretty good.

Sure…there may have been a few times in the past year where he didn’t really care about your feelings.

Especially that time you gave birth to your new daughter and  he rushed you out of the hospital for that photo op.

What woman wants to put on pantyhose and a dress soon after giving birth?  That was a low moment in your marriage.

But, I know he’s tried to make it up to you by given you lots of social opportunities like that rugby match.

Anyways, hope you have fun in India.  Just don’t sit down alone and take a selfie.  

Talk to you soon.  


A concerned friend.



Beyonce’s Guide to Yachting


Beyonce’s guide to Yachting 101.

Beyonce has the most amazing, luxurious, carefree life ever!

She and her hubby love the yachting life.

All the pictures of Beyonce lately have been on her yacht swimming, eating, playing with daughter, sunbathing, stretching, dancing and walking about in high heels and caftans.

I am not sure if she has even visited any of her American properties lately.

I hope that no one has been taking advantage of those residences and making themselves at home while she’s been yachting it up.

Who wouldn’t want to stay on a yacht for a long period of time if they owned a yacht as wonderful as Beyonce and Jay-Z?

Her yachting life is a dream.  If you own a yacht like Beyonce…..

  1. You can spend your days and nights eating fabulous meals al fresco.
  2. You can take mini dips in the full sized pool onboard.
  3. You can partake in an impromptu dance party on the upper deck.
  4. You can sleep all day.
  5. You can sunbathe on all parts of the yacht.
  6. You can quickly send anyone overboard who gets on your nerves ..(well, not sure about that one)
  7. You can enjoy life’s finery and laugh at everyone else who is living a normal life.

Oh Beyonce…

Your life is a dream..

Taylor Swift and friends on a boat

Poor Calvin.  A double armed hug from Taylor is a little emasculating….

Taylor..we know you are the more powerful one in this relationship, so please stop hugging your man like an over clingy girlfriend.

Let’s take a closer look at this picture:

  1. Taylor’s stronghold grip is really an expression of ownership. She is claiming Calvin as hers.
  2. Calvin, are you thinking to yourself, “Help!  She’s smothering me!”
  3. Joe Jonas, you are looking a little bored with Gigi.  Are you thinking how long do you have to date her before you dump her, so you won’t look like a jerk?
  4. Gigi, are you thinking of Cody and how much you wish you were with someone closer to your age?
  5. Karlie Kloss, you are grinning uncomfortably because you are the fifth wheel on this couple fest.