Second Gilded Age compliments of Tech Money

We currently must be going through the Second Gilded Age.

The reason I say this is because the wealth distribution today is mind boggling.

With all the wealth in Silicon Valley…it’s like these people have no concept of reality.

SV elite are  lucky to make it big.  But, the fact is they will always have gobs of money regardless of some catastrophe.  Their children will carry on the lifestyle. The money will always be there. It will never go away unless they are stupid with money.

All they really care about is keeping their money safe. They show us their privileged lifestyle on social media and pretend they are blessed beyond belief…but I know that most of them are hoping that UBER goes public, or that the economy doesn’t suffer a huge correction.

None of them seem to work really hard. Mark Zuckerberg recently took off three months for paternity leave because of his company policy.  Most of society doesn’t have that same choice.  He also felt obliged to pen a heartfelt letter to his newborn child…extolling his admiration and dreams for her. Oh…and also shared it with the world.

Another thing Silicon Valley elitists spend a lot of time are on private jets. THey always seem to be traveling to Hawaii. They show us the wine they are drinking. They are the first in line for gadgets, or Tesla’s. They do podcasts, or when they quit a job put out a press release.  They need time off when some tragedy occurs.  They talk up products which sometimes fail…think of Juicero.  They certainly skew democrat even thought they represent the .5% of society.  They aren’t spending lots of time in the urban cities talking about democratic social issues. Most of the time they are jetsetting, buying real estate or sleeping.

With  the recent tragedies  in the world, I haven’t heard many of them stepping up and having a voice.   But, just like the first Gilded Age, things will change one day.







Silicon Valley in the Know

Ok. I watched Silicon Valley on HBO the other day, and I am getting the sneaky feeling that this show is more for Silicon Valley billionaires and those types who want to be on this show as either a character or real life person.   It’s a  very ego driven thing.

They probably had one of two conversations with the creators of the show like, “I am going to  pay HBO a lot of money,  only if you base a character on my rich self” ….

Whew!  There, I said it.  Whether or not that is true is up for discussion.  But, after watching this show, it is obvious that there is a hidden agenda, or similarities of certain Silicon Valley players being portrayed on this show.

Yes, those in Silicon Valley are more “in the know” than the rest of the world watching this show.

For example,

  1. Hooli is obviously Google.  So, anyone who works at Google is probably snickering, or secretly laughing at the parallel characters on the show.
  2. The main character of the person who runs Hooli,  is loosely based on similar characteristics of the Billionaire Superman, Mr. Brin….?  Is he really like that in person?
  3. Does Brin really wear beaded bracelets, and travel with a personal Yogi / or spiritual guide with him at all times?
  4. Is there really an obnoxious, guido type VC out there that no one likes to associate with?  There must be!

I really want to know!

But what is more annoying is the actual placement of real people, intermixed with actors.

For example, the no name tech crunch journalists and panelists from last season;   or the re/code editors from this recent episode.  I am pretty sure they are all Hollywood now.

We always see people from the Journalism and TV news world pretending in movies and TV shows.  Just like the billionaires, everyone wants to be relevant in this microcosm of California…including tech journalists.