Farmers Market donuts

The only thing fun at a famers market are the homemade donuts.

I am not interested in guitar string jewelry, or homemade soaps, or bushels of lettuce.

I am only interested in the apple cider sugar donuts and a cup of hot cider.


Farmers Market donuts are pretty tasty.

Sure…go ahead… can order a thousand more of those things.

Do you ever go into a store and it’s so full of clothes and things that you wonder why some head honcho at the corporate office gave a lower level employee permission to buy, buy, buy?

Sometimes I think it will take years for all the stuff crammed into the store to just move on out.

Sure, sales rack are the perfect place to find all the forgotten things that no one wants.

But, if it is jammed packed, and there is so much new stuff around the racks that you can’t even get to the sales rack, you just give up in sheer exhaustion and mind explosion.

After your mind has calmed down, and your heart stops racing, all the new stuff at full price seems reasonable.

But, it’s not like I have any luck finding something amazing in the sales racks anyway.

The stuff that ends up on those racks are usually hideous, ugly, out of season, or full of lipstick stains. 

I always wonder what do the stores do with all the extra clothes?  That’s probably where Marshalls and TJ Maxx come into play.

The unwanted stuff will find it’s way to the savvy shopper one way or another.

Target…you had me at the door.

There has to be more to life than buying socks and deodorant.

A shopping trip to Target is a journey unlike no other.  There is only randomness, and mindless wandering.

When you first walk in, it’s only to buy a few things.  But the power of the store is greater than the willpower of anything reasonable in life.

For example, this is what is going on in my brain once I wander through the store:

  • Sure, I could buy more toothpaste and band aids…never have enough of those.
  • Oops…maybe some paper towels and paper plates.
  • Let’s not forget some sharpies, and some KIND bars.
  • How about some nail polish?  Or some DOVE Coconut soap..that smells good.
  • I know what else….some Poland Spring water bottles AND some Gatorade.
  • OK….That should be about it.
  • What did I come in here for?  Oh that’s right, socks and deodorant.

WOW! There is something more to life than buying just socks and deodorant.

Thanks Target!  TargetLogo

On line shopping returns

469768026_origI hate making returns, especially on line shopping returns.

For most of the time, if I time things right, I have a package being delivered to my home at the same time I have package going back out.  

It’s perfect.  When the UPS driver drops off my new package, he can pick up all the unwanted ones.

Other times, I might get thrown for a loop when a company I thought was shipping by UPS, instead ships via the post office.

Ugh…the Postal Service?  

The post office would be my last choice of shipping method.  

Amazon shipped me Toddler Pjs by Mistake

I received a package from Amazon today, and after opening it, realized that Amazon had messed up someone’s order,  and sent the order to me instead.

Like any box that makes its way into my home, I usually rip the tape off in tatters, not caring how neat and nice the box was when it arrived.  It usually suffers a  jagged death by scissors.

After appreciating the fine gift that arrived at my doorstep, I opened the box, and was pleasantly surprised that nothing in the box was for me.

I couldn’t understand why there were colorful toddler jammies: one with an happy octopus, one with pink hearts; and a chic, purple, mini toddler size bathing suit.

Also on the bottom of the box, were three books — a child’s world atlas, a home remodeling book, and a book about restoring ones soul with God.

Mmmmm… it certainly wasn’t the usual items I get from Amazon.

Sure….if someone in the world received my order by mistake, they might of found a box of Spanx, and some refillable water bottles.  It may appear weird to another.

But, please don’t judge….it would make sense to me, and not to anyone else.

Then my mind started going into panic mode.

  • Did I just open up my neighbors box?  
  • How am I going explain this….  
  • I don’t want to go over and talk to the neighbors about the shredded up box...

Then it got real, and I started to worry about my passwords and online security.

  • Who hacked my Amazon prime account, and why are they so stupid to send it to my address?
  • Did someone really steal my credit card and go on a lame shopping spree?

After collecting myself, I went online, checked my account, and came to the conclusion that nothing was compromised. My account was in the clear.  It was Amazon’s fault.

I am sure Amazon doesn’t want to admit  that they might make a shipping mistake, because that is their whole business model.. shipping stuff to people…but guess what?  You did!

I figured some poor mom somewhere in the world was looking for their cute PJs and bathing suit for their screaming toddler.  I had to resolve it fast.

Amazon,  like its name, is so big, that they have like 20 menus or options of FAQ..  

So, after typing in the search of FAQ,   wrong order,  I was left with no results.  Obviously, they are more confident in their abilities to ship things right 100% all the time than I was…

Clearly, I knew better.  So finally after 5 min searching,  I found the Contact us tab.

After a few back and forth of friendly banter with the online chat person,  yea know,    “We are pleased and excited to help you” .. customer service crap….. they discovered the problem, left all the important details of why my address is being used to ship all the stuff in their  warehouse,  and resolved the issue in less time than it took for me to find the Contact us tab..

They did give me some surprising response:

“Due to security reasons and Amazon’s return policy process, please feel free to keep the items, and use them, donate them, or do what you want” …  Thank you.  We will take care of the order and sorry for the inconvenience.  If you would like to end chat, press now..”

No worries Mama who didn’t get her order in time,  they are taking care of it for you!