The Silence of a Snowfall


The best time to hear complete silence is after a big snowfall.

This is when silence is at it’s peak.

The air is cool, the snowflakes are quietly falling into their piles. No one is outside.

Animals are tucked into their earth homes or hanging out in some protective evergreen trees.

Occasionally, one might hear some car tires crunching over the freshly plowed snow. 

But most of the time it is quiet and peaceful.

Soon, the snowfall ends and the silence becomes normal again with snow plows, shovels scratching against concrete, and children playing loudly with their snow games.




Windchimes are supposed to Chime

I bought a few wind chimes to hang outside.  

After looking around to find the perfect spot, I secured the windchime onto a small broken part of a limb.  It was a branch that hadn’t matured yet, so I was hoping that it would be ok to hold my fancy windchime.

Then there was silence.

I thought maybe once in a while when the wind blows I’d hear it, but even then, I was disappointed.

I only heard a slight chime….like a muffled song.

I guess it only works on a super windy day.

And on that day, I will not be sitting outside..  and the likelihood that my skinny branch would continue to support the windchime in those conditions would be suspect.

Oh well.

Allergies…please leave now. Thank you.

Allergies…please leave now.

I know it’s Spring and all, and the trees are just doing their thing.  But, enough already.

Sure, I appreciate all the flowers, green grass, and the trees with all their buds.

It’s not everyday you get to see bright pink petals all over the ground like snow…… or a purple tree.

 I know….your just doing your thing Mother Nature.  It’s pretty.

I am not a hater…..I am fully aware of your awesomeness.

I love your tulips, dogwood trees, clouds, and making people smile again.  I enjoy seeing all the legs and feet of every person in the world.  Yes…It’s all about those sandals and shorts now….  I like that!

I admire those baby ponies with their mama horses every morning, and singing birds, flocking around looking to build their nests.

I see those fat squirrels jumping about, and those angry crows being super annoying.

The park is busy again.

People are walking their doggies, jogging, playing frisbee, cycling, and playing soccer.  I even see ambitious fitness couples running backwards on trails.  Yikes!

Heck!   People are dining like Parisians, too, al fresco.  

Also, spring is the time of year when all those cute VW bug convertibles come out and play. 

Finally, I am also aware of the long days, and bug filled nights, and your fickleness about the weather.  It’s hard to adjust to a 90 degree day, and then bam! it’s like 65 degrees the next.  

Sure, even the bad things like twigs on the ground, rain, puddles, bees, pollen, and one neighbors overgrown lawn ….they never go unappreciated.   Hey neighbor, get your lazy bum outside and start mowing..

Yes… Spring is a joyous season.

But, allergies….I have had enough of you.  You may leave now.

Pretend Hipster for a Day

I am not aman-597179_640 hipster, and I am certainly not a man.

The only way I could feel like a true hipster was to go out of my comfort zone and do some manly things..

It requires me to think like a man.

I call it  “My hipster man plan.” 

  1. First,  I glanced through some online hipster sites, like the tourism page of Portland, Oregon.   Very informative.
  2. I noticed a lot of hipsters are creative types, so I took a couple of pics outside of nature.  Instagrammed them immediately with hashtags #freetobemelife  #joshuatree  #reclaimedwood  #rivers #hipsterlife
  3. Hipsters love their coffee, so I went to my local artisan coffee shop and ordered some Americanos with some shots of expresso.  Super hyped.
  4. I ordered a smoothie of hummus, kale, and avocado.  Added a banana for sweetness..
  5. Went to REI store and pretended to look at the camping equipment.
  6. Watched a compost heap do its thing… 
  7. Changed my root beer, to a craft beer. 
  8. Picked up some local eggs by the side of the road.
  9. Took a nap in a canoe.
  10. Looked at the clouds, jotted a poem in my leather wrapped journal.
  11. Read a book on Growing Beards the Hipster way...
  12. Made sure I had a lot of bearded friends hanging out with me sporadically during the day… most had the new Apple watch.

I think this was hipster?