Behati Prinsloo aka Mrs. Adam Levine

EXCLUSIVE: Adam Levine & Pregnant Behati Prinsloo and Ryan Seacrest at Nobu in Malibu

Behati Prinsloo is looking fantastic during her seemingly long pregnancy.

It must be hard for her to keep looking so Victoria Secret-y…but she’s rocking that top bun like it’s no ones business.

I love how Adam and Behati are color coordinating their looks together.

He has a brown and black palm leaf motif on his pants.

She has a black and brown leopard print on her bag.

It looks good together! 

But…I am sure Adam demanded the “couple color coordination”..because he’s Adam Levine the rockstar.

Anyways.  It’s good to see Behati out and about.

We’ve been without any good famous preggo sightings lately.

Behati….I am sorry I have been neglecting blogging about your pregnancy.  You deserve the same attention. 

I was kind of tired writing about famous preggos like Chrissy and Anne.  They were everywhere all the time rocking their bellies.

 You have been somewhat absent.  So my interest has waned a little.

But, it looks like you are almost nearing the end soon… so I will try to fit in some time from now until then to notice your beautiful unicorn mama pregnancy.


Behati Prinsloo is preggo too!


Well…it was bound to happen.  The evolution of pregnancy.

First it was Kim Kardashian.  

She’s done.  Already gave birth last winter.

Then it was Chrissy Teigen.  

She is nearing the end of her preggo journey.  Not much to care or see about anymore.

Then came Anne Hathaway.

She’s been struggling to find her perfect fashion look..but she’s finally come into her own.

Now….The only thing left to see is who gives birth first. My bet’s still on Anne although Chrissy just posted on Instagram that she is trying to turn her baby.  Oh no!

But thankfully…..there’s a new girl in town.

Behati Prinsloo…. otherwise known as Adam Levine’s magical wifey now soon to be unicorn mama.

The great thing about this Victoria Secret’s angel mama is that she is young.  So she will dominate all of the other pregnant women in fashion, beauty, lifestyle, and mamahood.  

Just look at her picture above.  She is wearing the long jean coat over a casual stripe (oh no stripes!) dress.   And she is without shame…she doesn’t care if you see her pregnant belly.

Her work has now begun. are going to the Taj Mahal! Start packing!


Dearest Kate,

Congratulations!  The news is you are going to visit the Taj Mahal during your royal trip to India.  

What? You are not that excited about going?  Is that why you were so indecisive?   

Well, it’s only natural to be worried about the state of your marriage. 

Remember?  It was only  2 months after Princess Diana visited the Taj Mahal  when her hubby Prince Charles kicked her out of the castle.  

So,   it’s understandable why that  vacay spot isn’t the happiest place on earth…especially for your hubby.  

I am sure Prince William wasn’t old enough to put two and two together…. but today?  Well he must have given it some thought.   He probably doesn’t want to tempt his own marriage by visiting the same spot where Diana was all alone and almost divorced!

No one could forget that lonely image of  Diana sitting by herself against that huge backdrop. It would make anyone cry.

But Kate…no worries.  

Your hubby is more of a “hands on” hubby.  He’s emotional and thoughtful.  Those qualities are pretty good.

Sure…there may have been a few times in the past year where he didn’t really care about your feelings.

Especially that time you gave birth to your new daughter and  he rushed you out of the hospital for that photo op.

What woman wants to put on pantyhose and a dress soon after giving birth?  That was a low moment in your marriage.

But, I know he’s tried to make it up to you by given you lots of social opportunities like that rugby match.

Anyways, hope you have fun in India.  Just don’t sit down alone and take a selfie.  

Talk to you soon.  


A concerned friend.



Prince has the Daddy Blues…



Dearest Kate,

It’s been a few months since I last wrote to you.  I see you are holding up well over the holidays…and ….Happy New Year!

I am so happy that you were able to fit in one of those holiday portrait sittings.  Those are really important for future #tbt or memories and all that.

I didn’t see the rambling Christmas letter though…….but that’s ok. Maybe you were super busy?  Oh well.

The reason I am writing is because word on the street is that Prince hubby is getting super emotional about being a Daddy.  It’s the hidden illness that isn’t talked about:  The Daddy Blues.

He’s probably very sentimental right now…seeing his prince and princesses growing up.  Maybe it’s time for another?

I know you might be laughing about that crazy statement.  But, hubby might need another baby so he won’t have time to be sentimental and all that because he’ll be too busy working to provide for his big family.

By the way, I am glad you are “keeping it together” and not suffering from the womanly postpartum blues.   

However….Prince William is calling out for help.  You might want to consider a respite with your handsome Prince William.

So get him to the Caribbean as fast as you can!

A good dose of Vitamin D stomps out those winter blues.

I know.  You have a lot of things on your mind, like your children, but go ahead and book that vacay with all the frills as soon as possible.

Believe me.   He will be happy and relieved you did something to help him out.

Oh well.  It’s good to see you happy and the kids look great!

Take care and I’ll speak to you soon.



Anne Hathaway is pregnant, too!



Yeah!  Everyone is having a baby! Even Anne Hathaway is with child and glowing.

Good news for us commoners!  Because …once Kim Kardashian has her baby in the next couple of weeks, Chrissy Teigen will move up into her coveted spot and finally Anne Hathaway will have her chance.

It’s the hierarchy of pregnancy:

  1. Kim Kardashian
  2. Chrissy Teigen…and then
  3. Anne Hathaway


Anne will need to step up her pregnancy fashion game, though.  She has some tough competition.

Let’s look at the competition:

  1. Kim Kardashian:  She has had a lot of trial and error looks.  Since this is her second pregnancy, she made all her unfortunate pregnancy fashion looks during the first one.  Happily, she has narrowed down the “coat with monochromatic dress” as her go to look.
  2. Chrissy Teigen:  She is a model and is fashionable all the time.  She looks good in anything.  Also, since she is a model and a wife of a famous musician,  her belly won’t be allowed to get too big. 
  3. Anne Hathaway:  Well….your look is copying a 60 year old Chico’s customer.  Sure Chico’s might be an expensive store to shop in, but you are just getting started on your pregnancy journey so don’t mess it up with poor fashion choices like the one above in this picture.





Duchess Kate needs a Spa Day!


Dear Kate, 

Hi!  It has been a few months since I last wrote to you.  I hope all is well on your side of the pond.

It’s nice to see you doing solo engagements and curling your hair and wearing a dress with some heels.  

I hope baby Charlotte is well.  

It has been a few months already since you birthed her.  I know a new baby can reek havoc on a woman’s beauty routine.

How is the baby?  We haven’t really seen much of her out in public.

Is there anything wrong?

I hope not.

It looks like Prince William has you traveling with him for engagements.  Your royal duty always awaits!

I hope he squeezes in a spa day for you or a fancy dinner.  Having a newborn takes a lot out of a marriage.

Which brings me to your nails.  

I can excuse your lack of a manicure in this picture…well…because I know that’s low on your priority list.  

Besides, you already won the prize of marrying a prince.

And out of all the people in this world… it’s you who can miss a manicure once in a while.

It makes you humanlike and relatable.  

For example, I can go weeks without a polished nail.

Oh well.  Talk to you soon.  

Please share new pics of baby Charlotte before she turns into a toddler.

All my best!










Sean Penn is Madonna’s groupie

Sean Penn has been spotted again at a Madonna Concert.

Repeat.  Sean Penn has been “groupie” stalking his ex-wife Madonna at her concert again.

Let’s look at the facts about a groupie ….which is similar to Sean:

  1. Groupies attend lots of Madonna concerts in one year’s time.  Sean has been to two shows so far.
  2. Groupies always try to get the attention from the rock star.    Sean is smiling, waving and googley eyed.
  3. Groupies are always in the first few rows of a concert.   Sean is about two rows from the stage.

He seems to fit all of that “groupie” criteria.

Let’s hope his perseverance pays off for the old-new relationship.

They seem perfect together.

The Girl who Married too Soon…A Cautionary Tale

Kaley Cuoco and her hubby are divorcing.

I wonder why?

The picture above clearly shows the newlyweds love and happiness.

I have never seen two newlyweds so happy.

At least they are making the right decision.

It got me to thinking of this statement: “Act in haste repent in leisure”.

I also wrote a letter to Kaley in her time of need.

Dear Kaley:

Never get married to someone you’ve only dated for 3 months, because guess what…the honeymoon phase of the relationship always ends.  Then you are stuck with unhappy photos of you and your spouse during public outings.

 Also,  since you are a woman who doesn’t like being married, you’ll go through lots of hair experimentation because of your unhappiness.


A concerned fan

The “I am Cait” docu series continues..with lots of unanswered questions…

I was drawn into another I am Cait episode.  I will give it one more week, but I am getting a little confused.

In this weeks episode, there was mention of a crush of another transgender… sex work.  Caitlyn was super emotional.  She was worried about her male vocals hanging around…and also about putting on a bathing suit.  

Caitlyn talked about playing golf as a woman…(not so important) and also was seen running away from the paparazzi.

But, I am a little confused about the dating, falling in love, attraction part of Caitlyn’s transgender thing.  I’ll admit.  I am not understanding that at all.  Is she a lesbian?  Is he gay?  It’s quite difficult to understand.  Maybe next week she will explain her sexual identity.

I still have one thing lingering in my mind.  Just like the other transgender women on the show, they were a little skeptical and jealous that Cait’s transition was flawless.  They blamed it on her privilege and socio-economic mega millions status…which I guess makes turning into a woman pretty easy.  

The average joe who wants to be a woman might struggle more because they don’t have the luxury of a makeup artist, hairdresser, or fancy wardrobe.  They probably have to shop at Chicos, or Lane Bryant to get the best girly look.

Maybe the other transgender women have a point?  

But, I have another concern.  It has more to do with Cait’s age, and her senior years.  I wrote her this letter.

Dear Cait..

You are in your twilight years.  A time when you SHOULD be playing dress up all day, or taking a swim in your infinity pool, and drinking some wine. But now you seem to be surrounding yourself with people who aren’t the same socio economic status (sorry) and maybe more on the freak spectrum (sorry again).   In this last episode, you were taking trips to the inner city, and going on bus trips to cabins that weren’t as well appointed as your Malibu home.  I am sure you know that your home looks like it came out of an Architectural Digest magazine photo shoot.  But, that cabin you stayed in with your new trans friends?  … was a step down from your Kardashian days.  Kim would never have approved of such accommodations. 

Oh well.  Don’t forget your kids.  

Signed, A fan who is not transgender.

Jessica Biel is back to her old self! Yeah!

Is that really the Jessica Biel, who just recently had a baby, and that Justin Timberlake????

Yeah!  Jessica Biel is finally allowed out of the house…she’s back in shape.

She’s smiling…She’s got her sunnies on….life is grand!!!

I was super excited when this came across my news feed, that I just had to quote Eonline’s  hard hitting news reporting:

Quote from Eonline about Jessica Biel and Justin Timberlake….

Biel and Timberlake, 34, were seen on Wednesday near an animal hospital in Woodland Hills, near Los Angeles. The two share a dog, Tina, who was not spotted. Biel showcased her post-baby body in a white T-shirt and ripped jeans and was seen smiling as she walked with her husband, who was dressed in a gray tee and jeans and sported a Memphis Grizzlies cap.

Talk about your descriptive journalism..Thanks for all the unwanted information..