Chrissy Teigen’s lost sparkle

I am going to go out on a limb and say that Chrissy Teigen has lost her eye sparkle.

Instead, she has a far away worried look in her eyes.  

There’s a name for it.

It’s called the “my life is over now.. I have to worry 24/7 about being a mama now.”  

All mother’s have it… unless they are heavily involved with nannies.  

That means anything she does in the public eye half naked selfies and wearing braless tops will eventually effect her daughter.

So…. half dressed Chrissy is now a sad mama who likes to dine out a lot at restaurants.

I think it’s sad.

Where’s my preggo fun Chrissy?


Chrissy and are missed!

Oh how I miss blogging about Chrissy Teigen and Anne Hathaway.

Their pregnancies brought me joy!

It was something to look forward to..and now..all I am left with is Adam Levine’s honey mama wifey Behati.

And Behati is boring.  She must be getting a bigger belly because we haven’t seen much of her lately.

I am sure she is still discussing with her stylists (or control freak Adam)  what look she should go for:

  • Bohemian preggo?  Kim Kardasian overcoat chic?  Anne Hathaway over 50 look?

There are so many choices.  

I am going to have to give her some unsolicited advice.

Go with the Kim Kardashian special: overcoats over the stretchy dress look.

Seems to be the most flattering.

In other news, Chrissy already shared a pic of her darling baby girl.

Anne decided to keep quiet.

So..Anne may have beat her to the birth but Chrissy beat her to the big baby reveal.

Thanks Chrissy.  We miss preggo you!


I am Cait is boring!

I couldn’t bear to watch the new I am Cait show this weekend.

I am just not feeling the political undertones of the show this year. 

It’s really not fun watching Caitlyn Jenner debate other girls about politics.

However, I did see in a teaser that she happened to “run” into Hillary Clinton.


That’s not entertaining at all.  Sorry.

So, I think I have given Caitlyn Jenner my best viewing effort. Last year was the only year where I powered through all her episodes.

This season?  No.   I could only make it through two episodes.

Time to move onto to something else.

Like a Housewives show or something.  

In other news, I am still waiting on the springtime births of Chrissy and Anne.  Maybe they will be at Cedars Sinai maternity ward at the SAME time?  I can only hope!

That would be something!


I am Cait : Season 2

The I am Cait series has started up again.

It’s a brand new season and Caitlyn Jenner has had more time adjusting to her new lifestyle as a woman.

The first episode of the new season centered around her posse of other transgenders…the same one’s from last season…and their new travel adventures.

Caitlyn being the queen mama that she is rented out a fab tour bus, gathered all the girls and their luggage and began a cross country adventure.

Sadly, the first night on the tour bus they had to stop at some 2 star hotel and that’s probably not the lifestyle Cait is used to.  The hotel tried and upgraded her to a room with a kitchenette…but it still looked cheap.

I really hope they can stop at a Four Seasons in the next episode.



Caitlyn is dressed for business


On to Caitlyn Jenner news.

Caitlyn was recently seen in this ensemble.  She was dressed for a “business day meeting.”   ..although that hem line hasn’t been seen since the 1980s.  

It also might be a little too early to rock the white blazer…but I guess she’s going for a certain business look.  

Fashion note:   I love how the vertical darts on the skirt are concealing those trouble areas on a woman.  It certainly is drawing my attention to her feet.

Oh well. 

Sadly, she was being photographed on a busy street with other people who didn’t seem to care about their fashion.  Yikes!  

It must be super difficult for Caitlyn to put so much into her look…only to be shown walking with people still in their jammies.  

Anne and Chrissy are getting it right!


Anne Hathaway has finally honed in on her pregnancy fashion.

This look..above.. is very preggo chic and Kim Kardashian approved.

It has been a long journey for Miss Anne to find her style.

But now….since she has only a few more months left in her pregnancy….she has figured it out!

Thank goodness! 

Let’s see how Chrissy is managing her pregnancy look: 


Chrissy is still taking a page from Kim Kardashian’s pregnancy style.

Her legs are still looking great…no swollen ankles yet.  John must be relieved..

Sadly,  her face is starting to show a little “water retention”….a look that happens to a lot of pregnant mamas.  No worries Chrissy..that usually goes away once the baby is born.

Phew!  John is relieved…again. 

Anne and her Circle Dress


Anne is still struggling to find her perfect pregnancy look.

For example, this look above proudly features circle patterns.

When she chose her “circle” themed dress….what was she really trying to say?

Here is a pretend convo she might have had with her stylist:

Anne:   Hi! …we have this LA art function thing…but I feel really fat.

Stylist friend:  Well…how bout we try some new dresses that I just bought?

Anne:  Ok…I really love this circle dress…it like mimics my big circle underneath.

Stylist friend:  It’s like amazing.  And its in your favorite colors of black and white.

Anne:  Yes..I was looking through my paparrazi photos and I have been wearing a lot of those colors lately.  Are you sure I shouldn’t wear pink or gold or something? 

Stylist friend:  No.  Black is like preggo chic..and always hides fat and all that.

Anne:  But, you know Kim Kardashian and Chrissy Teigen swear by stretchy dresses and overcoats.  They seem to not care so much.  How bout I try that look?

Stylist friend:  Uhhh….well….I guess we could.  But, all I brought were these circle dresses.

Anne:  Ugh.  You are making me look so matronly.  I am only pregnant…I am not a 50 year old lady.  You’re fired!   I don’t have time for this..





Caitlyn Jenner and Leopard Prints


Now onto Caitlyn Jenner.

Caitlyn Jenner seems mighty comfortable wearing heels.  

Also, at a recent photoshoot,  she changed her hairstyle into an old school  “country music star” hairdo.  Think of a young Loretta Lynn or a 1970s Dolly Parton.    


As I was observing…..

I am not sure what magazine she was modeling for…but anything requiring a leopard print can’t be on the same level as a Kardashian photoshoot.  

Sure Kim may have at one time sported some leopard…but Kayne oversees all her wardrobe choices now.  And leopard is probably a no-no.

Poor Caitlyn.  

Who can judge her?

She really hasn’t had a lot of time modeling and understanding the power of good fashion.

She probably says “yes!” to all photoshoots that come her way.  Why not?  She’s put a lot of money into her new look.

Oh well.  

Since I wasn’t there on the actual shoot, I will reserve judgement and only observe.   

These are my key takeaways of Caitlyn’s recent photoshoot:

  1. Her hair was high.
  2. Her lipgloss was glossy.
  3. …and she easily perfected the “pissed off  diva look”.  A look that many a Kardashian woman has had ..including Khloe.  It’s a normal reaction after spending about 3 hours in hair and makeup.


 Ok.  That’s all for now.

It’s Chrissy and Anne’s turn to Pregnancy Shine

It’s official.  Kim has had her baby boy and has given it a worthy name.  SAINT.  Now, we probably won’t see Kim in the public eye for a while until she starts corseting again.  It’s other people’s turn now.

Yes…Chrissy Teigen…it’s your time to shine.  Let’s see what you have been up to lately…

chrissy-teigen-600x800  A recent look of Chrissy.

OK….I see you are planning on taking over Kim’s monochromatic look.

I understand.  It worked for Kim so it certainly will work for you.

Anne Hathaway..let’s see if you are changing over into a more fashion forward pregnancy look….

2f2518f100000578-0-image-m-12_1449511069360  A recent pic of Anne.

Well…I see you may have moved on from the over 50 look to an Old Navy store maternity look.   You’re getting there.


Kim and Chrissy’s Dinner Date


Kim and Chrissy’s pregnancy styles finally met last night.

They had a date night out on the town.

My guess is the conversation centered around pregnancy, babies, and fashion.

Poor John.  He probably had to stay quiet the whole dinner.

I imagined what the dinner conversations were about especially because there were two pregnant ladies at the dinner table.  

Here are my made up scenarios of what might have been discussed:

  1. First, Kim dominated the convo once they sat down for dinner. Chrissy complimented her pregnancy style.  Kim smiled and told her that wearing coats was great since it hides a growing ass.  Chrissy agreed and took notes on her Samsung…. especially when Kim said near the end of the pregnancy she will need to shop in the men’s department for larger overcoats.
  2. Second, Chrissy told Kim that she was worried about getting really fat.  Kim told her not to worry…the coat will cover any problems.
  3. As the night went on Kim mentioned to Chrissy that she was so over being pregnant because her rings didn’t fit anymore.  Chrissy didn’t understand this concept but shook her head in agreement.
  4. Once dinner arrived, Chrissy was excited to pig out again.  She mentioned her food intake for the day and Kim just continued to smile looking at her phone.
  5. During a lull in the conversation, John piped in and asked where Kayne was but was quickly shushed by Chrissy.  Shut up John!
  6. After all parties split the checks and gave goodbye hugs….Kim said they should hang out again especially when Chrissy’s  bump gets bigger.  She mentioned going on a leisurely walk in matching stretchy dresses and coats would be so much fun!

They left on their merry way.

Of course these are only imaginary scenarios but it’s fun to think that these convos might have happened.