I am tempted to go to Aspen…


I am tempted to go to Aspen, Colorado just to see all the private planes take off.

Yes..it seems that Aspen was the place to be this holiday season. Most of Hollywood was there since they social media’d the heck out of Aspen.  

Aspen was their backdrop with all its cute stores, snow lifts, skiing, mega fireplaces, and fashion influences. 

I know the Hadid family was there as well as the whole Kate Hudson and Goldie Hawn clan.

Mariah Carey was in Aspen, too.  If Mariah was there…then that Aspen town sure has some clout.

Sadly, Mariah interrupted her vacation, flew out for her ill fated NYE performance..and then returned back to Aspen to continue her hot tubbing holiday.

I would have to say that Mariah was tempted to go back to Aspen, too.

But, back to the airport.

What better way to see celebrities than at the regional airport? 

I can only imagine the scene on the tarmac.

Private planes just parked for their owners to return.

Do you think they line up the planes according to fame and wealth?

I think so.



Golden Globes this Weekend!

The Golden Globes are on this weekend and I can’t wait to see them!

This is the best night on television partly because there will be so many celebrities out on the town.

I can’t wait to see who will be sitting in the coveted power table smack dab in the middle of the room.

I will take a guess and say that Margot Robbie will be at that table.

Sorry Cameron Diaz.

You have expired according to Hollywood standards.

I’ll have an update if my prognosis is correct.

I am sure that Hamilton dude will be there,  too.

And Robert Downey, Jr.

Yes…that train of thought was completely random but it makes sense to a Golden Globes  audience.


Adam Levine and his baby


It’s official.

Adam Levine didn’t wait very long to share his “bare chested daddy pose with newborn baby” photo.

I mentioned a week ago that this would be the theme.  And I was 100% right.

Because, Adam certainly has waited long enough to be the center of attention again. 

But I can’t blame him.

He suffers from a well know phenomena called “New baby….MY baby…itis.”  

All celebrity men do this.  It’s what makes them feel a part of the whole birthing process. 

Ok Behati.  You can go back to working out again.  Hurry up now.

The Urgency in the word… Jump!




Jump is one of those urgent words.  

A few phrases come into mind:

Jump for joy!…Jump around!..Jump into your life!

Emphatically… jump means to do it right now.

From the obvious action of jumping, like off a cliff or jumping on a trampoline, it’s one of those command words that urges one to do the action immediately.

A person who is told to Jump! doesn’t have time to sit and reflect.

They just have to do it!






The Stylish 1980s


I cringe looking at 80s fashions.

Can anyone be considered stylish if they grew up in the 1980s?

Fashion certainly took a break and all rules were broken.

I blame it on MTV music videos.

Madonna and Michael Jackson started some trends.

George Michael,  too.  Fashion was everywhere in music videos.  How else would people know to match up a neon shirt with rolled up jeans? Or wear suspenders with Doc Martens? Lots of fashion choices were abundant in the 1980s.  

Suspenders, capezio shoes, broaches, long denim skirts, mini skirts, oversized shoulder pad shirts, cut up t-shirts, denim jackets, the list can go on and on.

Even though fashion was out there and not as stylish as the 1940s fashion, hairstyles were inventive.

Today, not many people can pull of wearing a permed and over hair sprayed hairstyle.

Eco- conscious, plant based people would freak out with all the chemicals in hairspray!  

But, one thing that was stylish in the 1980s was an asymmetrical haircut.  Of course it  was a normal to wear hair in geometric styles.  It was the 80s.

Also popular was the dreaded mullet.

But….a mullet will NEVER be stylish.


The Silence of a Snowfall


The best time to hear complete silence is after a big snowfall.

This is when silence is at it’s peak.

The air is cool, the snowflakes are quietly falling into their piles. No one is outside.

Animals are tucked into their earth homes or hanging out in some protective evergreen trees.

Occasionally, one might hear some car tires crunching over the freshly plowed snow. 

But most of the time it is quiet and peaceful.

Soon, the snowfall ends and the silence becomes normal again with snow plows, shovels scratching against concrete, and children playing loudly with their snow games.




Kristen Bell hiked up her Dress at the Emmy’s


The Emmy’s were on last night and there were a few women who wore dresses that were too oversized for their petite bodies.

One in particular was Kristen Bell.

Kristen wore an over abundant, whimsical dress.

Don’t get me wrong.  It was beautiful.  But when she approached the E! fashion press at the beginning of the show she had to walk up some small steps.

Immediately, Kristen disappeared into her voluminous dress when she hiked up her dress to her armpits.  She was enveloped in a chiffon tornado.

She waddled up the stairs, with her dress in both hands.  E! staff tried to help her up the stairs,  too.

Kristen look like she could fall over at any moment. 

Once she made it up to the top of the stairs she expressed concern about showing the world her undergarments.  Don’t worry Kristen…you didn’t!

But, her dress failed at that moment and I am sure Kristen was regretting picking out such a huge dress.

Walking Together


Together… we went to a taco place and ate some tacos.

Afterwards, we walked further down main street and visited a bakery.

The bakery had cupcakes, fruit pies, cookies, cream puffs, and eclairs. We were certainly full from the tacos but managed to keep a little part of our appetite wanting something sweet.

We both decided to buy different things. I had the fruit tart and my friend had a cream puff. But, we both knew that we’d be sharing each one. So it didn’t matter. 

This walk down main street was a perfect way to spend the day together.


Traveling is a Slog


Traveling these days is a slog.

It’s hard work because you can spend hours at the airport or sitting on a runway.

And the worst part of traveling is the amount of work it requires just to get to the destination.

It’s not fun unless you have a private plane.

Then life is amazing!

There are so many famous people on Snapchat traveling by private plane these days.

It’s funny to see half famous TV actors and actresses who are not as wealthy as they think they are secure a lower class private plane.

Yes.  There are lower class private planes.  The planes these actors rent are kind of like a discount airline.  They are small, sardine like, with low lustre leather and not as luxurious as some others planes in the jet-setting universe.

As far as private planes go they are probably from the 1980s.

However, the more money you have… the better the private jet.

Let’s look at Kevin Hart.  He is one of those wealthy, comedic actors who slogs away at his craft, but I only see him on Snapchat working out and going to Vegas on his spectacular private jet.

The jet he rents is top notch.  Or,  maybe it’s his own?  Not sure.  But the plane has beautiful seats, lounging bedseats, wood accents and lots of plated fruit.  His plane is pretty awesome!

So, if I have to slog away traveling these days I want to hop on Kevin Hart’s private jet.


Does a Job Exit require a Press Release?

Does a job exit require a press release nowadays?

When a person quits a job why does it have to be the most dramatic exit ever?

Hey…I’m going to put out a press release and say how important I am and how indispensable I am to the world.

A lot of famous people do this and people in the finance, entertainment and tech world. There are many examples out in the world. No. Not at the local level like leaving a job at a supermarket. But, famous people do it all the time. Look at the guy who left Hamilton? I am sure there is a press release out there somewhere extolling his contribution to the world and life itself.

Dear World,

I am a very important person. But I have decided in the best interest for myself and my loved ones that I am quitting a job to relax and spend my days freely.

Eh..I hope this doesn’t come across as bragging and boastful. But, I am ok with that. I have made my way. I want to retire early and enjoy my fruits of labor. Also, I was getting a little bored and just wanted to regroup and seek out new employment. It will happen soon. I promise.

In the meantime, I am leaving you with a press release to magnify my accomplishments and so you can understand my struggle.

You see. My life is very important. I am a very important person with important things to do and work is just getting in my way.

So, please accept my job press release as who I am.  I mean…it’s my life. OK?


A person who has a press release to leave a job.

Oh. Ok.