The Girl who Married too Soon…A Cautionary Tale

Kaley Cuoco and her hubby are divorcing.

I wonder why?

The picture above clearly shows the newlyweds love and happiness.

I have never seen two newlyweds so happy.

At least they are making the right decision.

It got me to thinking of this statement: “Act in haste repent in leisure”.

I also wrote a letter to Kaley in her time of need.

Dear Kaley:

Never get married to someone you’ve only dated for 3 months, because guess what…the honeymoon phase of the relationship always ends.  Then you are stuck with unhappy photos of you and your spouse during public outings.

 Also,  since you are a woman who doesn’t like being married, you’ll go through lots of hair experimentation because of your unhappiness.


A concerned fan

Caitlyn Jenner…….a REAL woman ALWAYS knows how long it takes to get ready!

Caitlyn Jenner…

Now that you are officially a woman, please don’t grandstand on a feminist pedestal, and state that being a woman takes a lot of work.  Women have always been aware of the amount of time it takes to look their best every day. 

This isn’t ground breaking news!

Since the time they were babies, women have always been put through these rigors in all stages of their lives.  That is probably why we don’t whine and complain about it as much as men would:

A woman’s hair over the years:

  • Baby:  Hair in bows
  • Elementary years:  Whatever your mom wants is what you get: bangs,  bobs, ponytails, pig tails, curls, and buns.
  • Middle School – High School years: Straight hair that needs to be flat ironed, blow-dried, etc.
  • Early 20s :  Sensible, work appropriate hair.  This might be the time women get shorter hair.
  • 30s: Mom type hair, pulled in ponytail, etc, still experimenting with new colors and styles.
  • 40s-60s:Coloring, Coloring, Coloring.

Please don’t try to change the world of hair now.


Humidity is not a friend to your hair

Humidity is not a friend to anyone who has hair.

Yes.  If you have hair on the top of your head, humidity will always win over a great hair day.

First, the smooth locks will immediately frizz.

Second, if your hair is a little long, or short, or anything, the hair will magically shrink, curl, or give up.

Third, sweat will bead up and your hair will look as if you forgot to blowdry your locks.

Million Dollar Listing Dude

I was watching Bravo’s Million Dollar Listing last evening, and that Fredrik guy is one funny dude.Fredrik

Every time I see him, he reminds me of this guy from the kid’s show Lazytown.robbie_rotten-11

I think it has to do with the jaw line, the hairstyle, and the animated faces.   It’s a very close resemblance.

But, the new guy Luis,  on Million Dollar Listing,  is also a strong contender.


His hair is super poofy,  and that’s pretty important.

In fact, if I had to judge one over the other, I’d say Fredrik wins in jaw;  Luis wins in hair;  and freakish Lazytown dude wins in overall awesomeness.

Hair Products …..and Disappointment

Hair care products…you really let me down this morning.

Why?  Well, lots of reasons.  

First, I have a pink obsession. 


My shower is full of pink-bottled shampoos, conditioners, and body scrubs.  I didn’t know I was purchasing every pink shaded shampoo and conditioner on the market.  Yes, I think that’s a problem.

Obviously,  the beauty industry knows what it is doing when it packages all their plastic bottles in shades of pink.  But, this morning,  all my hair care products disappointed me …even the pink ones.

Let’s recap:

  1. First, I washed my hair with my favorite pink colored shampoo..  pink!
  2. Rinsed with its matching conditioner…also in a pink bottle!
  3. hairTowel dried my hair  ..with a plush, white towel…not pink!
  4. Opened my product drawer,  and my variety of hair products of sprays, leave in conditioners, gels, and smoothing cremes, etc…. were staring right at me… Mistake #1
  5. First, I tried the sea salt spray…enjoy the beach smell
  6. Then, sprayed on the color protectant spray…..a necessary color protector to protect my tresses..
  7. Added some frizz ease lotion  we know frizzies can ruin any hair
  8. Smoothed on some straightening creme…   beginning of my hair’s demise
  9. Then,  reapplied more texturizing body spray….  mistake #2
  10. Ended with some more color protectant spray.…mistake # 3 …but, my color is not going to fade on me!
  11. And then I began the blowdrying process...  danger!

It was not working as planned.  Eventually, my hair was going to reveal the truth of my poor choices.  Let’s take a look:

  • My hair’s consistency felt more waxy, and weighed down. Dang it.. that must be the frizz ease and the straightening creme….
  • The hairstyle mimicked a beach hair day..but, not a good beach day; a super miserable beach day... picture any hair in high winds, humidity, hot sun, sweat, sand, and in a baseball cap… that was my hair today!

My pink shampoos failed me.  It was not pretty….