Does a Job Exit require a Press Release?

Does a job exit require a press release nowadays?

When a person quits a job why does it have to be the most dramatic exit ever?

Hey…I’m going to put out a press release and say how important I am and how indispensable I am to the world.

A lot of famous people do this and people in the finance, entertainment and tech world. There are many examples out in the world. No. Not at the local level like leaving a job at a supermarket. But, famous people do it all the time. Look at the guy who left Hamilton? I am sure there is a press release out there somewhere extolling his contribution to the world and life itself.

Dear World,

I am a very important person. But I have decided in the best interest for myself and my loved ones that I am quitting a job to relax and spend my days freely.

Eh..I hope this doesn’t come across as bragging and boastful. But, I am ok with that. I have made my way. I want to retire early and enjoy my fruits of labor. Also, I was getting a little bored and just wanted to regroup and seek out new employment. It will happen soon. I promise.

In the meantime, I am leaving you with a press release to magnify my accomplishments and so you can understand my struggle.

You see. My life is very important. I am a very important person with important things to do and work is just getting in my way.

So, please accept my job press release as who I am.  I mean…it’s my life. OK?


A person who has a press release to leave a job.

Oh. Ok.

Behati Prinsloo aka Mrs. Adam Levine

EXCLUSIVE: Adam Levine & Pregnant Behati Prinsloo and Ryan Seacrest at Nobu in Malibu

Behati Prinsloo is looking fantastic during her seemingly long pregnancy.

It must be hard for her to keep looking so Victoria Secret-y…but she’s rocking that top bun like it’s no ones business.

I love how Adam and Behati are color coordinating their looks together.

He has a brown and black palm leaf motif on his pants.

She has a black and brown leopard print on her bag.

It looks good together! 

But…I am sure Adam demanded the “couple color coordination”..because he’s Adam Levine the rockstar.

Anyways.  It’s good to see Behati out and about.

We’ve been without any good famous preggo sightings lately.

Behati….I am sorry I have been neglecting blogging about your pregnancy.  You deserve the same attention. 

I was kind of tired writing about famous preggos like Chrissy and Anne.  They were everywhere all the time rocking their bellies.

 You have been somewhat absent.  So my interest has waned a little.

But, it looks like you are almost nearing the end soon… so I will try to fit in some time from now until then to notice your beautiful unicorn mama pregnancy.


Behati Prinsloo is preggo too!


Well…it was bound to happen.  The evolution of pregnancy.

First it was Kim Kardashian.  

She’s done.  Already gave birth last winter.

Then it was Chrissy Teigen.  

She is nearing the end of her preggo journey.  Not much to care or see about anymore.

Then came Anne Hathaway.

She’s been struggling to find her perfect fashion look..but she’s finally come into her own.

Now….The only thing left to see is who gives birth first. My bet’s still on Anne although Chrissy just posted on Instagram that she is trying to turn her baby.  Oh no!

But thankfully…..there’s a new girl in town.

Behati Prinsloo…. otherwise known as Adam Levine’s magical wifey now soon to be unicorn mama.

The great thing about this Victoria Secret’s angel mama is that she is young.  So she will dominate all of the other pregnant women in fashion, beauty, lifestyle, and mamahood.  

Just look at her picture above.  She is wearing the long jean coat over a casual stripe (oh no stripes!) dress.   And she is without shame…she doesn’t care if you see her pregnant belly.

Her work has now begun.


I am Cait : Season 2

The I am Cait series has started up again.

It’s a brand new season and Caitlyn Jenner has had more time adjusting to her new lifestyle as a woman.

The first episode of the new season centered around her posse of other transgenders…the same one’s from last season…and their new travel adventures.

Caitlyn being the queen mama that she is rented out a fab tour bus, gathered all the girls and their luggage and began a cross country adventure.

Sadly, the first night on the tour bus they had to stop at some 2 star hotel and that’s probably not the lifestyle Cait is used to.  The hotel tried and upgraded her to a room with a kitchenette…but it still looked cheap.

I really hope they can stop at a Four Seasons in the next episode.



Anne and her Circle Dress


Anne is still struggling to find her perfect pregnancy look.

For example, this look above proudly features circle patterns.

When she chose her “circle” themed dress….what was she really trying to say?

Here is a pretend convo she might have had with her stylist:

Anne:   Hi! …we have this LA art function thing…but I feel really fat.

Stylist friend:  Well…how bout we try some new dresses that I just bought?

Anne:  Ok…I really love this circle dress…it like mimics my big circle underneath.

Stylist friend:  It’s like amazing.  And its in your favorite colors of black and white.

Anne:  Yes..I was looking through my paparrazi photos and I have been wearing a lot of those colors lately.  Are you sure I shouldn’t wear pink or gold or something? 

Stylist friend:  No.  Black is like preggo chic..and always hides fat and all that.

Anne:  But, you know Kim Kardashian and Chrissy Teigen swear by stretchy dresses and overcoats.  They seem to not care so much.  How bout I try that look?

Stylist friend:  Uhhh….well….I guess we could.  But, all I brought were these circle dresses.

Anne:  Ugh.  You are making me look so matronly.  I am only pregnant…I am not a 50 year old lady.  You’re fired!   I don’t have time for this..





Golden Globes Hierarchy

The Golden Globes are on tonight which means that at around 5:00 to 8:00 pm this evening a glorious fashion show will be parading on the television.

Ricky Gervais is hosting again this year.

I am looking forward to seeing who is sitting at the coveted power table.  That’s the table smack dab in the middle of the room, near the stage.  

That seems to be the best table in the room.  Also, whoever sits at that table is probably considered the most popular and powerful player in Hollywood.

Everyone knows the hierarchy of table arranging and if you are near the front of the room…you are still in.  If you are in the back of the room…. well you are probably on your way out of Hollywood. 

To all those actors on a popular TV show, your table usually sits in the upper tiers or by the wall which divides the room into two levels.  So, you are always on the way out the door with your career.  Last year, I think the cast of Mad Men or Grey’s Anatomy sat in that area.

TV has a way of doing that to seasoned actors.  Now that JLO is on a new tv drama series..she is walking a fine line.  Halle Barry did TV a year ago…now  look at her career!

 So, if you are a movie star turned TV actor star…don’t go to the Globes.  Your career is in jeopardy!   

I digress…

Next year, the Golden Globes should be moreinteractive with the public and post seating charts of all the tables in the room.

Then we can see if Ben Affleck will continue his career in Hollywood or see if Anne Hathaway is being replaced by a younger actress…she is pregnant by the way.

Otherwise, the only way we can see who is trying to kiss up to one another…especially with an important Hollywood person….. is by pausing the DVR before and after the commercial breaks.

That is usually the time when you can see the fears of actresses, the insecurities of men or notice a lot of drunk actors and actresses.  I think its funny when you can see them with their guard down.  Especially at the Golden Globes.  It’s like a holiday party with a lot of drunk people.  

 I always notice Kate Hudson and Angelina Jolie or Colin Farrell talking to one another.  Even Amy Adams and Robert Dinero have some chit-chit.  Especially those actors lurking around like they are looking for their next meal.  It’s very funny.  

For example, Kate Winslet was really good at hunting down Leo Dicaprio a few years back….but now where is she?  

She looked like a super stalker.  In fact, I think Kate had a crush on him..But, sadly after the movie Titanic..he wanted nothing to do with her.   

That Golden Globes stalking thing is a career killer.  Sorry Kate.  


Caitlyn Jenner and Leopard Prints


Now onto Caitlyn Jenner.

Caitlyn Jenner seems mighty comfortable wearing heels.  

Also, at a recent photoshoot,  she changed her hairstyle into an old school  “country music star” hairdo.  Think of a young Loretta Lynn or a 1970s Dolly Parton.    


As I was observing…..

I am not sure what magazine she was modeling for…but anything requiring a leopard print can’t be on the same level as a Kardashian photoshoot.  

Sure Kim may have at one time sported some leopard…but Kayne oversees all her wardrobe choices now.  And leopard is probably a no-no.

Poor Caitlyn.  

Who can judge her?

She really hasn’t had a lot of time modeling and understanding the power of good fashion.

She probably says “yes!” to all photoshoots that come her way.  Why not?  She’s put a lot of money into her new look.

Oh well.  

Since I wasn’t there on the actual shoot, I will reserve judgement and only observe.   

These are my key takeaways of Caitlyn’s recent photoshoot:

  1. Her hair was high.
  2. Her lipgloss was glossy.
  3. …and she easily perfected the “pissed off  diva look”.  A look that many a Kardashian woman has had ..including Khloe.  It’s a normal reaction after spending about 3 hours in hair and makeup.


 Ok.  That’s all for now.

Anne Hathaway is pregnant, too!



Yeah!  Everyone is having a baby! Even Anne Hathaway is with child and glowing.

Good news for us commoners!  Because …once Kim Kardashian has her baby in the next couple of weeks, Chrissy Teigen will move up into her coveted spot and finally Anne Hathaway will have her chance.

It’s the hierarchy of pregnancy:

  1. Kim Kardashian
  2. Chrissy Teigen…and then
  3. Anne Hathaway


Anne will need to step up her pregnancy fashion game, though.  She has some tough competition.

Let’s look at the competition:

  1. Kim Kardashian:  She has had a lot of trial and error looks.  Since this is her second pregnancy, she made all her unfortunate pregnancy fashion looks during the first one.  Happily, she has narrowed down the “coat with monochromatic dress” as her go to look.
  2. Chrissy Teigen:  She is a model and is fashionable all the time.  She looks good in anything.  Also, since she is a model and a wife of a famous musician,  her belly won’t be allowed to get too big. 
  3. Anne Hathaway:  Well….your look is copying a 60 year old Chico’s customer.  Sure Chico’s might be an expensive store to shop in, but you are just getting started on your pregnancy journey so don’t mess it up with poor fashion choices like the one above in this picture.





Kim and Chrissy’s Dinner Date


Kim and Chrissy’s pregnancy styles finally met last night.

They had a date night out on the town.

My guess is the conversation centered around pregnancy, babies, and fashion.

Poor John.  He probably had to stay quiet the whole dinner.

I imagined what the dinner conversations were about especially because there were two pregnant ladies at the dinner table.  

Here are my made up scenarios of what might have been discussed:

  1. First, Kim dominated the convo once they sat down for dinner. Chrissy complimented her pregnancy style.  Kim smiled and told her that wearing coats was great since it hides a growing ass.  Chrissy agreed and took notes on her Samsung…. especially when Kim said near the end of the pregnancy she will need to shop in the men’s department for larger overcoats.
  2. Second, Chrissy told Kim that she was worried about getting really fat.  Kim told her not to worry…the coat will cover any problems.
  3. As the night went on Kim mentioned to Chrissy that she was so over being pregnant because her rings didn’t fit anymore.  Chrissy didn’t understand this concept but shook her head in agreement.
  4. Once dinner arrived, Chrissy was excited to pig out again.  She mentioned her food intake for the day and Kim just continued to smile looking at her phone.
  5. During a lull in the conversation, John piped in and asked where Kayne was but was quickly shushed by Chrissy.  Shut up John!
  6. After all parties split the checks and gave goodbye hugs….Kim said they should hang out again especially when Chrissy’s  bump gets bigger.  She mentioned going on a leisurely walk in matching stretchy dresses and coats would be so much fun!

They left on their merry way.

Of course these are only imaginary scenarios but it’s fun to think that these convos might have happened.


Chrissy Teigen and Kim Kardashian Pregnancy Fashion


Move over Kim Kardashian.

Chrissy Teigen is stealing your monochromatic pregnancy look.

As you can see Kim has stayed true to her tan color scheme this pregnancy.

Chrissy,on the other hand,  has ventured into the gray green colors.  She also added a dog feature for her pregnancy look.

The dog compliments her shoes and hair,  too.  Good job Chrissy!

 (That’s a nice touch by the way.)

Note to Kim:  Purchase a cute dog to deflect attention away from your cankles.

Speaking of cankles.

Chrissy’s shoes are similar to Kim Kardashian’s strappy heels.  

But the pregnancy bump has a little bit more growing to do.

So Kim….you still win in that department!