Behati Prinsloo aka Mrs. Adam Levine

EXCLUSIVE: Adam Levine & Pregnant Behati Prinsloo and Ryan Seacrest at Nobu in Malibu

Behati Prinsloo is looking fantastic during her seemingly long pregnancy.

It must be hard for her to keep looking so Victoria Secret-y…but she’s rocking that top bun like it’s no ones business.

I love how Adam and Behati are color coordinating their looks together.

He has a brown and black palm leaf motif on his pants.

She has a black and brown leopard print on her bag.

It looks good together! 

But…I am sure Adam demanded the “couple color coordination”..because he’s Adam Levine the rockstar.

Anyways.  It’s good to see Behati out and about.

We’ve been without any good famous preggo sightings lately.

Behati….I am sorry I have been neglecting blogging about your pregnancy.  You deserve the same attention. 

I was kind of tired writing about famous preggos like Chrissy and Anne.  They were everywhere all the time rocking their bellies.

 You have been somewhat absent.  So my interest has waned a little.

But, it looks like you are almost nearing the end soon… so I will try to fit in some time from now until then to notice your beautiful unicorn mama pregnancy.


Chrissy Teigen’s lost sparkle

I am going to go out on a limb and say that Chrissy Teigen has lost her eye sparkle.

Instead, she has a far away worried look in her eyes.  

There’s a name for it.

It’s called the “my life is over now.. I have to worry 24/7 about being a mama now.”  

All mother’s have it… unless they are heavily involved with nannies.  

That means anything she does in the public eye half naked selfies and wearing braless tops will eventually effect her daughter.

So…. half dressed Chrissy is now a sad mama who likes to dine out a lot at restaurants.

I think it’s sad.

Where’s my preggo fun Chrissy?


White pants are allowed in Hawaii

It’s the official end of summer and you are not allowed to wear white pants.

I feel that is a crazy fashion rule, since I know anyone who has a perpetual summer, like in Hawaii, wearing a white capri or pair of shorts wouldn’t be disastrous.

So go for it.  Keep those white pants on until next summer.

Sure…go ahead… can order a thousand more of those things.

Do you ever go into a store and it’s so full of clothes and things that you wonder why some head honcho at the corporate office gave a lower level employee permission to buy, buy, buy?

Sometimes I think it will take years for all the stuff crammed into the store to just move on out.

Sure, sales rack are the perfect place to find all the forgotten things that no one wants.

But, if it is jammed packed, and there is so much new stuff around the racks that you can’t even get to the sales rack, you just give up in sheer exhaustion and mind explosion.

After your mind has calmed down, and your heart stops racing, all the new stuff at full price seems reasonable.

But, it’s not like I have any luck finding something amazing in the sales racks anyway.

The stuff that ends up on those racks are usually hideous, ugly, out of season, or full of lipstick stains. 

I always wonder what do the stores do with all the extra clothes?  That’s probably where Marshalls and TJ Maxx come into play.

The unwanted stuff will find it’s way to the savvy shopper one way or another.

Humidity is not a friend to your hair

Humidity is not a friend to anyone who has hair.

Yes.  If you have hair on the top of your head, humidity will always win over a great hair day.

First, the smooth locks will immediately frizz.

Second, if your hair is a little long, or short, or anything, the hair will magically shrink, curl, or give up.

Third, sweat will bead up and your hair will look as if you forgot to blowdry your locks.

Kardashian Women Dating Problems

The Kardashian Women.

With all their money, fame and everything else going on for them, why do they always make bad choices with the men in their lives?

Let’s start with

Momma Jenner:

  • Forget dating those youthful guys from LA.  Have some respect for yourself. Don’t you know these younger guys are looking for free cars or something.  You are in your 50s.  Why don’t you find a nice, sensible older man who has a yacht, older kids of his own, and spoils his dates with jewelry.


  • We know you are your mother’s favorite, and the fact that you have Kayne as a husband, proves that point.


  • Khloe, you were always the chubbier sister, but now you are looking better than ever.  I admire your ambition to become slim.  You definitely have this fitness routine down!  But, as far as your love life is concerned, I think you’d be happier with a lawyer, chef, or anyone other than the ones you have been dating.


  • You certainly have dominated the category of family reproduction.  I am amazed at your ability to have children, and it looks like pregnancies never bother you either.  I think you must be taking some kind of anti-depressant, because I have never seen you raise your voice, yell, or flip out on baby daddy Scott.  Maybe you should try to commit to a marriage with him.  He really wants that.


  • You are a top model, and you should be dating only rock stars like Ed Sheeran, or Justin Bieber.  Yes, you and Justin would make a lovely couple.

Kylie , the last sister, who I always forget:

  • Yes, you are the forgotten one.  I know you have this scandal going on with some rapper dude, but this is a great opportunity for you to go away to school, and become a doctor or something.

A whisk isn’t better than an electric mixer…

original_sad-cake-day-cake-stencilIf you bake a cake from a cake mix, make sure you mix it with an electric mixer, and not take a lazy shortcut like I did…. with a wire whisk.

There is a good reason for these instructions on the cake mix box. 

These were my mistakes in using a whisk instead of a mixer:

  1. I could not physically replicate the speed of a hand mixer.  No one can!
  2. Even though the dough looked mixed, after it came out of the oven,  the cake tasted like unmixed batter…it was a little off.
  3. Two minutes mixing with an electric mixer seems long, but it’s even longer when using a whisk.  I gave up after one minute from sheer exhaustion.
  4. Lastly, the cake will fail ….( it will!) ….and will taste like crap.  (It does!)

I had a sad cake day. 😦

Spa Day at Home

A spa day at home isn’t always a great idea.  The closest thing I could do at home was go outside and sit on a lounge chair.  After a few minutes, it was obvious that it wasn’t going to be the same experience.

There were a few key things missing:

  1. No spa services.
  2. No friendly staff member bringing me chilled water.
  3. No towel service.
  4. No pool.
  5. No jacuzzi.
  6. No masseuse.
  7. No people.
  8. No smelly aromatherapy.

It kinda sucked.

So, the only inspirational thing for me to do was replicate a spa lunch.    I could do that.

Thankfully, I was just at the market, and picked up a Lean Cuisine Spa Collection meal.

Yes.  I feel very blessed that Lean Cuisine had a meeting one afternoon,  to help people like me, who were at home, looking to recreate a spa experience.

I was a little hesitant at first in placing my trust in a frozen fish dinner.   But, I was fully committed to the experience:

  • First, it was healthy.
  • The sodium content was less than a Hungry Man dinner.
  • It had orzo pasta with peas and carrots.
  • And it was only 250 calories.

After zapping it in the microwave, because we all know finer spas microwave their fresh ingredients for clientele,  I was brought to a fishy land of cats and mermaids.

I unwrapped the eco friendly packaging that contained my fresh Spa meal, and was a little disappointed.

Dang it.  The fresh herbs were missing!

The only spa experience was the “steam facial”  that came from the hot steam that escaped the package.

Mmmm…….thanks Lean Cuisine.

Allergies…please leave now. Thank you.

Allergies…please leave now.

I know it’s Spring and all, and the trees are just doing their thing.  But, enough already.

Sure, I appreciate all the flowers, green grass, and the trees with all their buds.

It’s not everyday you get to see bright pink petals all over the ground like snow…… or a purple tree.

 I know….your just doing your thing Mother Nature.  It’s pretty.

I am not a hater…..I am fully aware of your awesomeness.

I love your tulips, dogwood trees, clouds, and making people smile again.  I enjoy seeing all the legs and feet of every person in the world.  Yes…It’s all about those sandals and shorts now….  I like that!

I admire those baby ponies with their mama horses every morning, and singing birds, flocking around looking to build their nests.

I see those fat squirrels jumping about, and those angry crows being super annoying.

The park is busy again.

People are walking their doggies, jogging, playing frisbee, cycling, and playing soccer.  I even see ambitious fitness couples running backwards on trails.  Yikes!

Heck!   People are dining like Parisians, too, al fresco.  

Also, spring is the time of year when all those cute VW bug convertibles come out and play. 

Finally, I am also aware of the long days, and bug filled nights, and your fickleness about the weather.  It’s hard to adjust to a 90 degree day, and then bam! it’s like 65 degrees the next.  

Sure, even the bad things like twigs on the ground, rain, puddles, bees, pollen, and one neighbors overgrown lawn ….they never go unappreciated.   Hey neighbor, get your lazy bum outside and start mowing..

Yes… Spring is a joyous season.

But, allergies….I have had enough of you.  You may leave now.

Hummus in cooking?

Hummus is one of those foods you think you won’t enjoy, but after one taste, it’s highly addictive.

Sometimes I think why can’t you use hummus in cooking?

Probably not.

I don’t think I have seen a cookbook dedicated only to hummus.

I know hummus is sometimes used in the sandwich world as a replacement for mayonnaise.  But that’s about it.  I haven’t seen it in potato salad, egg salad, or pasta salad.  That would be really gross.  And hummus never looked appetizing with that oily mess on top.  But, it really tastes good.