Chrissy Teigen’s lost sparkle

I am going to go out on a limb and say that Chrissy Teigen has lost her eye sparkle.

Instead, she has a far away worried look in her eyes.  

There’s a name for it.

It’s called the “my life is over now.. I have to worry 24/7 about being a mama now.”  

All mother’s have it… unless they are heavily involved with nannies.  

That means anything she does in the public eye half naked selfies and wearing braless tops will eventually effect her daughter.

So…. half dressed Chrissy is now a sad mama who likes to dine out a lot at restaurants.

I think it’s sad.

Where’s my preggo fun Chrissy?


Pregnancy after Chrissy

Oh no.

There is something wrong in the universe.


Well….it was recently reported that Behati Prinsloo….Adam Levine’s magical wifey.…and him were involved in a fender bender.

Thankfully, no one was hurt. Phew.

But…now that Chrissy is no longer pregnant maybe she is cursing some magical thinking into the Universe.

Maybe she is responsible for the fender bender?

It’s possible that Chrissy could be wishing that no other mamas are allowed to be pregnant?  A little far fetched.  I know.  But let’s look more closely.

First.  Chrissy was a part of the original pregnancy hierarchy.  See below the path:

  1. Kim Kardashian …gave the pregnancy overcoat wand to…
  2. Chrissy Teigen…who was also pregnant  at the same time with….
  3. Anne Hathaway… who couldn’t figure out her preggo fashion sense but finally did  after…
  4. Behati Prinsloo  announced her pregnancy and all of the girls above would be left in pregnancy fashion shame.

Since this official chart was made…there has been an overload of pregnancy announcements.

Megan Fox, Olivia Wilde, Hilaria Baldwin…  they all are pregnant!  Even Liv Tyler is nearing her third trimester.   There are so many…I can’t keep up.

Heck the Universe can’t handle it any more!  And when that happens chaos ensues.

For example…. The universe can’t handle these mind blowing pregnancies…so chaos starts and bad things happen like fender benders and bad paparazzi photos of pregnant stars on vacations.

Oh Chrissy..let some other mama’s have a chance.  You can get pregnant again soon. Promise!


Chrissy was Instagram silent

There was talk on Chrissy Teigen’s Instagram that she was too quiet.  For example….

“Where is she?” and “Did she have her baby?”  

So…that only meant one thing.  She must have been in the hospital giving birth to her baby daughter. Yeah! 

Thanks to People Magazine ..we can proudly announce that Chrissy and John have welcomed a new daughter into the world.

It just proves the point that once a baby comes into the world…someone’s Instagram/Snapchat account becomes silent.

Congratulations Chrissy and John!

But…..Anne still beat you to it.


Preggo update: Anne and Chrissy

Sadly, Anne Hathaway has been missing from the public eye these last few weeks.

Has she pulled a fast one on all of us and already delivered her bundle of joy?


However…Chrissy is still pregnant because she keeps posting her belly pics and pics of herself lying in bed.  

I will keep my eyes open.  It’s going happen any day now!




Chrissy Teigen Update:


Chrissy is in a race with Anne Hathaway to get that baby out!

I am happy that Chrissy is still wearing wonderful, classy clothing.

Her long jacket hides a lot of pregnancy bum.

Plus, the vertical stripes are subtle yet slimming.

Great choice Chrissy.

Now…let’s look at John.

John looks like he has a lot on his mind.

I know that they just left a dinner or something…but he looks a little distant.

I am a little concerned about the strange air space between these two love birds.

I hope he is still committed to the whole baby thing.

Oh well.

Update later.  Hopefully that baby is making it’s way soon!


Chrissy and Anne have settled


Pregnancy Update:  It’s almost time for those babies to come meet their mamas.

Chrissy has decided to ditch her normal Kim Kardashian stretchy dress for a flowy pregnant maxi dress.  Those tight dresses and high heels must be bothering her now.

I am glad she is embracing a new look.

On to Anne Hathaway.

She is still rocking the yoga fitness look.  We have seen this coverup yoga wrap sweater thing before.  



Her t-shirt looks kinda frumpy though.  

She’s probably getting into the “character”  of being a new mommy soon.  

Because…an un-ironed t-shirt will be her best look once the baby arrives.



Baby Shower Weekend


Chrissy Teigen’s  fabulous baby shower table setting.

Chrissy Teigen and Anne Hathaway recently had their baby showers.

Chrissy’s was more sophisticated and in keeping with her favorite neutral colors.

Anne’s was more low key.

According to US Magazine, Anne’s family threw her an outdoor bbq baby shower. 

Her guests laughed and giggled…yes..that’s what was reported.

Well…now that both baby showers are complete…that only means one thing.

The babies will be born soon!

Yeah!  But….who will be first?

My bet’s on Anne.


Why me?

Chrissy Teigen is in the midst of her “why me?”  pregnancy.  I call it that because she is having a lot of bad luck lately. chrissy-teigen-john-legend-sundance-jan-2016 Here are some recent developments:

  1. Her new talk show “Fablife” was recently canceled.
  2. She can’t stop getting into twitter rants with complete strangers.  Just look at some of her recent tweets.
  3. She is probably realizing that her swimsuit career will be over once she has her baby girl.
  4. And finally, all that she has left is her DJ hosting show Lip Sync Battles which airs on Spike TV.  Yes….Spike TV.

But, she is married to John Legend.  So… that makes everything all better.




Happy New Year!

The one thing great about the New Year approaching is that Chrissy Teigen and Anne Hathaway will be mama’s in 2016.  Yeah!  

Of course,  I will be watching them transform their pregnancy looks as their pregnancies progress. 

I hope that Anne finally figures out what looks good on her while pregnant.  

 She needs a lot of help right now.

Ok. That’s all.

What fun times ahead for these women!

Also, I might take a peek at Caitlyn Jenner’s everyday life again.  That’s always a mystery,  too.

Happy New Year!