I am Cait is boring!

I couldn’t bear to watch the new I am Cait show this weekend.

I am just not feeling the political undertones of the show this year. 

It’s really not fun watching Caitlyn Jenner debate other girls about politics.

However, I did see in a teaser that she happened to “run” into Hillary Clinton.


That’s not entertaining at all.  Sorry.

So, I think I have given Caitlyn Jenner my best viewing effort. Last year was the only year where I powered through all her episodes.

This season?  No.   I could only make it through two episodes.

Time to move onto to something else.

Like a Housewives show or something.  

In other news, I am still waiting on the springtime births of Chrissy and Anne.  Maybe they will be at Cedars Sinai maternity ward at the SAME time?  I can only hope!

That would be something!


I am Cait : Season 2

The I am Cait series has started up again.

It’s a brand new season and Caitlyn Jenner has had more time adjusting to her new lifestyle as a woman.

The first episode of the new season centered around her posse of other transgenders…the same one’s from last season…and their new travel adventures.

Caitlyn being the queen mama that she is rented out a fab tour bus, gathered all the girls and their luggage and began a cross country adventure.

Sadly, the first night on the tour bus they had to stop at some 2 star hotel and that’s probably not the lifestyle Cait is used to.  The hotel tried and upgraded her to a room with a kitchenette…but it still looked cheap.

I really hope they can stop at a Four Seasons in the next episode.



Caitlyn is dressed for business


On to Caitlyn Jenner news.

Caitlyn was recently seen in this ensemble.  She was dressed for a “business day meeting.”   ..although that hem line hasn’t been seen since the 1980s.  

It also might be a little too early to rock the white blazer…but I guess she’s going for a certain business look.  

Fashion note:   I love how the vertical darts on the skirt are concealing those trouble areas on a woman.  It certainly is drawing my attention to her feet.

Oh well. 

Sadly, she was being photographed on a busy street with other people who didn’t seem to care about their fashion.  Yikes!  

It must be super difficult for Caitlyn to put so much into her look…only to be shown walking with people still in their jammies.  

Happy New Year!

The one thing great about the New Year approaching is that Chrissy Teigen and Anne Hathaway will be mama’s in 2016.  Yeah!  

Of course,  I will be watching them transform their pregnancy looks as their pregnancies progress. 

I hope that Anne finally figures out what looks good on her while pregnant.  

 She needs a lot of help right now.

Ok. That’s all.

What fun times ahead for these women!

Also, I might take a peek at Caitlyn Jenner’s everyday life again.  That’s always a mystery,  too.

Happy New Year! 

Caitlyn Jenner likes to Dress Up for a Movie

Caitlyn…your show may be on hiatus but it’s good to see that the paparazzi are keeping close tabs on your whereabouts.

I guess you went to the movies on Saturday night?

If I hadn’t read the headlines I would of guessed you were attending a fancy cocktail party.  Your sparkly top…your fancy shoes are more suited for a cocktail party.  

So I was surprised to see that you were just hanging out at a Los Angeles Multiplex movie theater with friends. 

I don’t remember dressing so fancy for a movie …..ever.

Oh well.  


Caitlyn Jenner should go on a Yacht, too.

Bravo TV….. thank you.

Now that the I am Cait series is over, I have managed to replace the emptiness of that show with another show.

Except this new show has nothing to do with freaky trans things.

It does, however, have yachts and 20 somethings and fun, drinking, and colorful guests.

Yes, Bravo TV has done it again with its new season of Below Deck, season 3.

Below Deck has some soap opera drama, some playful story lines, some hunky staff and of course lots of inside drama of yachty chefs not getting along with yachty Stews.

The only thing that would make this show explosive is if Cailtyn Jenner starred as one of the special guests on the yacht with her trans friends.

Now, that would be something to see! But sadly, Cait might have issues dressing up in a bathing suit.  And last I heard, you need to love hot tubs and jet skiing and swimming in the Caribbean to enjoy a yacht.

Caitlyn Jenner had a sleepover!

The summer is getting the best of this blog.

I did however catch another “I am Cait” episode on E!  this weekend.

I am just as confused like the last time when I watched this show…And, it’s getting more tense for Caitlyn with her Kardashian clan.  They obviously are having a little drama.  

Obviously, Cait is moving on to other friends and family, and forgetting about her old family. 

Kim and Khloe had some choice words to share with Caitlyn.  But, Caitlyn seems more concerned about her hair and makeup, or going on her first “sleepover” to worry about feelings…

Sure, older women in their 60s always fit in a sleepover at some point in their middle ages.  

Ugh.  Such girl drama.