Chrissy and are missed!

Oh how I miss blogging about Chrissy Teigen and Anne Hathaway.

Their pregnancies brought me joy!

It was something to look forward to..and now..all I am left with is Adam Levine’s honey mama wifey Behati.

And Behati is boring.  She must be getting a bigger belly because we haven’t seen much of her lately.

I am sure she is still discussing with her stylists (or control freak Adam)  what look she should go for:

  • Bohemian preggo?  Kim Kardasian overcoat chic?  Anne Hathaway over 50 look?

There are so many choices.  

I am going to have to give her some unsolicited advice.

Go with the Kim Kardashian special: overcoats over the stretchy dress look.

Seems to be the most flattering.

In other news, Chrissy already shared a pic of her darling baby girl.

Anne decided to keep quiet.

So..Anne may have beat her to the birth but Chrissy beat her to the big baby reveal.

Thanks Chrissy.  We miss preggo you!


Anne Hathaway wins!

Anne Hathaway has given birth to a baby boy!  

She gave birth on March 24th…so she duped us all!

Mmmm….. I knew something was up when she was no longer walking around LA in her yoga top and being caught by the paparazzi.

Next up…Chrissy Teigen.

Good luck Chrissy.  It’s been a lot of fun watching your pregnancy.


Preggo update: Anne and Chrissy

Sadly, Anne Hathaway has been missing from the public eye these last few weeks.

Has she pulled a fast one on all of us and already delivered her bundle of joy?


However…Chrissy is still pregnant because she keeps posting her belly pics and pics of herself lying in bed.  

I will keep my eyes open.  It’s going happen any day now!



Anne and her hubby


Anne Hathaway Update:

Anne has moved on to the mumu stage of her pregnancy.

It is a visual effect that makes her look slim.

She looks about ready to go.

On the other hand, her hubby has chosen to wear a questionable top.

Immature sweater choice by the hubby= expecting a baby boy.

Why do I take a risk and guess the sex of the baby?


It’s clear that Mr. Anne Hathaway is subconsciously vying for his wife’s love and affection with his sweater choice.  His sweater screams look at me.  Look at my lightening bolt.


Once the baby is born…Mr. Hubbyman will be all alone. The baby will dominate all of Anne’s attention.  The only thing he can do now is dress like a toddler. they near the end of her pregnancy..hubby will probably do a lot of other baby like things to get the love and attention from his wifey.

Or maybe he was just forced to wear that sweater.  I don’t know.




Chrissy and Anne have settled


Pregnancy Update:  It’s almost time for those babies to come meet their mamas.

Chrissy has decided to ditch her normal Kim Kardashian stretchy dress for a flowy pregnant maxi dress.  Those tight dresses and high heels must be bothering her now.

I am glad she is embracing a new look.

On to Anne Hathaway.

She is still rocking the yoga fitness look.  We have seen this coverup yoga wrap sweater thing before.  



Her t-shirt looks kinda frumpy though.  

She’s probably getting into the “character”  of being a new mommy soon.  

Because…an un-ironed t-shirt will be her best look once the baby arrives.



Baby Shower Weekend


Chrissy Teigen’s  fabulous baby shower table setting.

Chrissy Teigen and Anne Hathaway recently had their baby showers.

Chrissy’s was more sophisticated and in keeping with her favorite neutral colors.

Anne’s was more low key.

According to US Magazine, Anne’s family threw her an outdoor bbq baby shower. 

Her guests laughed and giggled…yes..that’s what was reported.

Well…now that both baby showers are complete…that only means one thing.

The babies will be born soon!

Yeah!  But….who will be first?

My bet’s on Anne.


Anne finally has it right!


Anne Hathaway..great job picking out your Oscar party dress.

This preggo style is finally working in your favor.


Kim Kardashian and Chrissy Teigen would certainly approve of this little number.

So….I am happy to say that your pregnancy fashion journey is complete.

Now…. go have your baby.


Anne and her Circle Dress


Anne is still struggling to find her perfect pregnancy look.

For example, this look above proudly features circle patterns.

When she chose her “circle” themed dress….what was she really trying to say?

Here is a pretend convo she might have had with her stylist:

Anne:   Hi! …we have this LA art function thing…but I feel really fat.

Stylist friend:  Well…how bout we try some new dresses that I just bought?

Anne:  Ok…I really love this circle dress…it like mimics my big circle underneath.

Stylist friend:  It’s like amazing.  And its in your favorite colors of black and white.

Anne:  Yes..I was looking through my paparrazi photos and I have been wearing a lot of those colors lately.  Are you sure I shouldn’t wear pink or gold or something? 

Stylist friend:  No.  Black is like preggo chic..and always hides fat and all that.

Anne:  But, you know Kim Kardashian and Chrissy Teigen swear by stretchy dresses and overcoats.  They seem to not care so much.  How bout I try that look?

Stylist friend:  Uhhh….well….I guess we could.  But, all I brought were these circle dresses.

Anne:  Ugh.  You are making me look so matronly.  I am only pregnant…I am not a 50 year old lady.  You’re fired!   I don’t have time for this..





Anne Hathaway continues to inspire


Oh Anne Hathaway.

Is this really the look you want your unborn child to remember you for?

Let’s breakdown your recent look.

  1. Your sweater is doing its job…highlighting your growing belly with it’s crisscross shape.
  2. Your gym tights, on the otherhand,  are kinda saying to everyone..yes…”maybe we will work out or maybe we won’t”.
  3. Your beanie/mushroom hat is screaming “help me!”
  4. Finally, those sunglasses are huge….but it doesn’t distract us away from your belly.

Please Anne…you only have a few more months to figure out your pregnancy style.

Please ask Chrissy Teigen or Kim Kardashian for some pointers.




Anne Hathaway is pregnant, too!



Yeah!  Everyone is having a baby! Even Anne Hathaway is with child and glowing.

Good news for us commoners!  Because …once Kim Kardashian has her baby in the next couple of weeks, Chrissy Teigen will move up into her coveted spot and finally Anne Hathaway will have her chance.

It’s the hierarchy of pregnancy:

  1. Kim Kardashian
  2. Chrissy Teigen…and then
  3. Anne Hathaway


Anne will need to step up her pregnancy fashion game, though.  She has some tough competition.

Let’s look at the competition:

  1. Kim Kardashian:  She has had a lot of trial and error looks.  Since this is her second pregnancy, she made all her unfortunate pregnancy fashion looks during the first one.  Happily, she has narrowed down the “coat with monochromatic dress” as her go to look.
  2. Chrissy Teigen:  She is a model and is fashionable all the time.  She looks good in anything.  Also, since she is a model and a wife of a famous musician,  her belly won’t be allowed to get too big. 
  3. Anne Hathaway:  Well….your look is copying a 60 year old Chico’s customer.  Sure Chico’s might be an expensive store to shop in, but you are just getting started on your pregnancy journey so don’t mess it up with poor fashion choices like the one above in this picture.