I am tempted to go to Aspen…


I am tempted to go to Aspen, Colorado just to see all the private planes take off.

Yes..it seems that Aspen was the place to be this holiday season. Most of Hollywood was there since they social media’d the heck out of Aspen.  

Aspen was their backdrop with all its cute stores, snow lifts, skiing, mega fireplaces, and fashion influences. 

I know the Hadid family was there as well as the whole Kate Hudson and Goldie Hawn clan.

Mariah Carey was in Aspen, too.  If Mariah was there…then that Aspen town sure has some clout.

Sadly, Mariah interrupted her vacation, flew out for her ill fated NYE performance..and then returned back to Aspen to continue her hot tubbing holiday.

I would have to say that Mariah was tempted to go back to Aspen, too.

But, back to the airport.

What better way to see celebrities than at the regional airport? 

I can only imagine the scene on the tarmac.

Private planes just parked for their owners to return.

Do you think they line up the planes according to fame and wealth?

I think so.



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