Kristen Bell hiked up her Dress at the Emmy’s


The Emmy’s were on last night and there were a few women who wore dresses that were too oversized for their petite bodies.

One in particular was Kristen Bell.

Kristen wore an over abundant, whimsical dress.

Don’t get me wrong.  It was beautiful.  But when she approached the E! fashion press at the beginning of the show she had to walk up some small steps.

Immediately, Kristen disappeared into her voluminous dress when she hiked up her dress to her armpits.  She was enveloped in a chiffon tornado.

She waddled up the stairs, with her dress in both hands.  E! staff tried to help her up the stairs,  too.

Kristen look like she could fall over at any moment. 

Once she made it up to the top of the stairs she expressed concern about showing the world her undergarments.  Don’t worry Kristen…you didn’t!

But, her dress failed at that moment and I am sure Kristen was regretting picking out such a huge dress.

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