Traveling is a Slog


Traveling these days is a slog.

It’s hard work because you can spend hours at the airport or sitting on a runway.

And the worst part of traveling is the amount of work it requires just to get to the destination.

It’s not fun unless you have a private plane.

Then life is amazing!

There are so many famous people on Snapchat traveling by private plane these days.

It’s funny to see half famous TV actors and actresses who are not as wealthy as they think they are secure a lower class private plane.

Yes.  There are lower class private planes.  The planes these actors rent are kind of like a discount airline.  They are small, sardine like, with low lustre leather and not as luxurious as some others planes in the jet-setting universe.

As far as private planes go they are probably from the 1980s.

However, the more money you have… the better the private jet.

Let’s look at Kevin Hart.  He is one of those wealthy, comedic actors who slogs away at his craft, but I only see him on Snapchat working out and going to Vegas on his spectacular private jet.

The jet he rents is top notch.  Or,  maybe it’s his own?  Not sure.  But the plane has beautiful seats, lounging bedseats, wood accents and lots of plated fruit.  His plane is pretty awesome!

So, if I have to slog away traveling these days I want to hop on Kevin Hart’s private jet.


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