Duchess Kate has been busy!

Dearest Kate,

I am so glad you made it back from your whirlwind India/Bhutan trip with hubby.

I loved seeing all your wardrobe changes. 

And the colors you wore were amazing!

I know it must have been hot and uncomfortable…. because having a good hair day in those conditions was challenging.

You mixed it up though.  A good hair braid does wonders!

I also see that you have been entertaining a little more in your home.


The Obamas looked very comfortable sitting on your couch.

You even had Prince Harry visit.  

Also, it was really thoughtful of you to put your son in a robe/smoking jacket.

That was definitely a good idea since it keeps him on the path of  becoming “a man of leisure.”

Oh well.

I am sure you want to relax and watch some TV now.

Talk to you soon.


A concerned friend.





Chrissy and Anne..you are missed!

Oh how I miss blogging about Chrissy Teigen and Anne Hathaway.

Their pregnancies brought me joy!

It was something to look forward to..and now..all I am left with is Adam Levine’s honey mama wifey Behati.

And Behati is boring.  She must be getting a bigger belly because we haven’t seen much of her lately.

I am sure she is still discussing with her stylists (or control freak Adam)  what look she should go for:

  • Bohemian preggo?  Kim Kardasian overcoat chic?  Anne Hathaway over 50 look?

There are so many choices.  

I am going to have to give her some unsolicited advice.

Go with the Kim Kardashian special: overcoats over the stretchy dress look.

Seems to be the most flattering.

In other news, Chrissy already shared a pic of her darling baby girl.

Anne decided to keep quiet.

So..Anne may have beat her to the birth but Chrissy beat her to the big baby reveal.

Thanks Chrissy.  We miss preggo you!


I am Cait season 2 is over

The I am Cait  series ended it’s second season yesterday.

Sorry I missed all the episodes.

I did hear the Caitlyn finally kissed her friend Candace.

That’s a relief.

Even if it was purely a prank…Caitlyn finally got one in.





Kelly Ripa needs to relax!

I am really sad that Kelly Ripa is going bonkers over the news that her co-host Michael Strahan is going to GMA.

Kelly… stop complaining.

Uh Kelly. Did you know that you get paid pretty well?  Infact. There aren’t many jobs in the world that pay $15 million a year.

NO! Not even a soul cycle instructor makes that.

I am sure there is a sub group of out of work actresses and soap stars willing to take over your spot for less than 90% of your salary.

They may be sending resumes over as we speak.

So…buck up and put your dress on,  smile and go host your show that has your name on the title.

Today is not the time to be having a premenopausal meltdown.


Pregnancy after Chrissy

Oh no.

There is something wrong in the universe.


Well….it was recently reported that Behati Prinsloo….Adam Levine’s magical wifey.…and him were involved in a fender bender.

Thankfully, no one was hurt. Phew.

But…now that Chrissy is no longer pregnant maybe she is cursing some magical thinking into the Universe.

Maybe she is responsible for the fender bender?

It’s possible that Chrissy could be wishing that no other mamas are allowed to be pregnant?  A little far fetched.  I know.  But let’s look more closely.

First.  Chrissy was a part of the original pregnancy hierarchy.  See below the path:

  1. Kim Kardashian …gave the pregnancy overcoat wand to…
  2. Chrissy Teigen…who was also pregnant  at the same time with….
  3. Anne Hathaway… who couldn’t figure out her preggo fashion sense but finally did  after…
  4. Behati Prinsloo  announced her pregnancy and all of the girls above would be left in pregnancy fashion shame.

Since this official chart was made…there has been an overload of pregnancy announcements.

Megan Fox, Olivia Wilde, Hilaria Baldwin…  they all are pregnant!  Even Liv Tyler is nearing her third trimester.   There are so many…I can’t keep up.

Heck the Universe can’t handle it any more!  And when that happens chaos ensues.

For example…. The universe can’t handle these mind blowing pregnancies…so chaos starts and bad things happen like fender benders and bad paparazzi photos of pregnant stars on vacations.

Oh Chrissy..let some other mama’s have a chance.  You can get pregnant again soon. Promise!


Chrissy was Instagram silent

There was talk on Chrissy Teigen’s Instagram that she was too quiet.  For example….

“Where is she?” and “Did she have her baby?”  

So…that only meant one thing.  She must have been in the hospital giving birth to her baby daughter. Yeah! 

Thanks to People Magazine ..we can proudly announce that Chrissy and John have welcomed a new daughter into the world.

It just proves the point that once a baby comes into the world…someone’s Instagram/Snapchat account becomes silent.

Congratulations Chrissy and John!

But…..Anne still beat you to it.


Coachella and the models


Coachella has started and sadly we have to be bombarded with all the celebrity images coming out of the desert.

For example, this one.

That’s Kendall Jenner on the left and Kaia Gerber on the right.

I think Kaia is hopping on the fame train… since this is the first time I have seen her out and about without her famous mother Cindy Crawford tagging a long.

If I were Kendall…I wouldn’t start hanging out with a much younger, slimmer, and girl with better hair model like Kaia.  It only brings to our attention how great Kaia’s legs..and hair..and bone structure are.  

Sorry Mama Jenner.

Ok. That’s all for Coachella.

Anne Hathaway wins!

Anne Hathaway has given birth to a baby boy!  

She gave birth on March 24th…so she duped us all!

Mmmm….. I knew something was up when she was no longer walking around LA in her yoga top and being caught by the paparazzi.

Next up…Chrissy Teigen.

Good luck Chrissy.  It’s been a lot of fun watching your pregnancy.


Kate’s whirlwind India tour

Dearest Kate,


I am so happy that your grandmother-in-law.. the Queen… gave you an opportunity to hang with some peeps from India and Bhutan at Kensington Palace.  

It’s great practice for when you arrive in the real India and Bhutan.   Good call Queen Mama.

No worries though. You’ll have your hunky hubby with you… and probably like 100s of photographers documenting your every move.

Just remember…stay close to your hubby and keep moving along.

Have fun!


A concerned friend.

Preggo update: Anne and Chrissy

Sadly, Anne Hathaway has been missing from the public eye these last few weeks.

Has she pulled a fast one on all of us and already delivered her bundle of joy?


However…Chrissy is still pregnant because she keeps posting her belly pics and pics of herself lying in bed.  

I will keep my eyes open.  It’s going happen any day now!