Anne and her hubby


Anne Hathaway Update:

Anne has moved on to the mumu stage of her pregnancy.

It is a visual effect that makes her look slim.

She looks about ready to go.

On the other hand, her hubby has chosen to wear a questionable top.

Immature sweater choice by the hubby= expecting a baby boy.

Why do I take a risk and guess the sex of the baby?


It’s clear that Mr. Anne Hathaway is subconsciously vying for his wife’s love and affection with his sweater choice.  His sweater screams look at me.  Look at my lightening bolt.


Once the baby is born…Mr. Hubbyman will be all alone. The baby will dominate all of Anne’s attention.  The only thing he can do now is dress like a toddler. they near the end of her pregnancy..hubby will probably do a lot of other baby like things to get the love and attention from his wifey.

Or maybe he was just forced to wear that sweater.  I don’t know.




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