Behati Prinsloo is preggo too!


Well…it was bound to happen.  The evolution of pregnancy.

First it was Kim Kardashian.  

She’s done.  Already gave birth last winter.

Then it was Chrissy Teigen.  

She is nearing the end of her preggo journey.  Not much to care or see about anymore.

Then came Anne Hathaway.

She’s been struggling to find her perfect fashion look..but she’s finally come into her own.

Now….The only thing left to see is who gives birth first. My bet’s still on Anne although Chrissy just posted on Instagram that she is trying to turn her baby.  Oh no!

But thankfully…..there’s a new girl in town.

Behati Prinsloo…. otherwise known as Adam Levine’s magical wifey now soon to be unicorn mama.

The great thing about this Victoria Secret’s angel mama is that she is young.  So she will dominate all of the other pregnant women in fashion, beauty, lifestyle, and mamahood.  

Just look at her picture above.  She is wearing the long jean coat over a casual stripe (oh no stripes!) dress.   And she is without shame…she doesn’t care if you see her pregnant belly.

Her work has now begun.


I am Cait is boring!

I couldn’t bear to watch the new I am Cait show this weekend.

I am just not feeling the political undertones of the show this year. 

It’s really not fun watching Caitlyn Jenner debate other girls about politics.

However, I did see in a teaser that she happened to “run” into Hillary Clinton.


That’s not entertaining at all.  Sorry.

So, I think I have given Caitlyn Jenner my best viewing effort. Last year was the only year where I powered through all her episodes.

This season?  No.   I could only make it through two episodes.

Time to move onto to something else.

Like a Housewives show or something.  

In other news, I am still waiting on the springtime births of Chrissy and Anne.  Maybe they will be at Cedars Sinai maternity ward at the SAME time?  I can only hope!

That would be something!



Chrissy Teigen Update:


Chrissy is in a race with Anne Hathaway to get that baby out!

I am happy that Chrissy is still wearing wonderful, classy clothing.

Her long jacket hides a lot of pregnancy bum.

Plus, the vertical stripes are subtle yet slimming.

Great choice Chrissy.

Now…let’s look at John.

John looks like he has a lot on his mind.

I know that they just left a dinner or something…but he looks a little distant.

I am a little concerned about the strange air space between these two love birds.

I hope he is still committed to the whole baby thing.

Oh well.

Update later.  Hopefully that baby is making it’s way soon!


Anne and her hubby


Anne Hathaway Update:

Anne has moved on to the mumu stage of her pregnancy.

It is a visual effect that makes her look slim.

She looks about ready to go.

On the other hand, her hubby has chosen to wear a questionable top.

Immature sweater choice by the hubby= expecting a baby boy.

Why do I take a risk and guess the sex of the baby?


It’s clear that Mr. Anne Hathaway is subconsciously vying for his wife’s love and affection with his sweater choice.  His sweater screams look at me.  Look at my lightening bolt.


Once the baby is born…Mr. Hubbyman will be all alone. The baby will dominate all of Anne’s attention.  The only thing he can do now is dress like a toddler. they near the end of her pregnancy..hubby will probably do a lot of other baby like things to get the love and attention from his wifey.

Or maybe he was just forced to wear that sweater.  I don’t know.




Chrissy and Anne have settled


Pregnancy Update:  It’s almost time for those babies to come meet their mamas.

Chrissy has decided to ditch her normal Kim Kardashian stretchy dress for a flowy pregnant maxi dress.  Those tight dresses and high heels must be bothering her now.

I am glad she is embracing a new look.

On to Anne Hathaway.

She is still rocking the yoga fitness look.  We have seen this coverup yoga wrap sweater thing before.  



Her t-shirt looks kinda frumpy though.  

She’s probably getting into the “character”  of being a new mommy soon.  

Because…an un-ironed t-shirt will be her best look once the baby arrives.



I am Cait : Season 2

The I am Cait series has started up again.

It’s a brand new season and Caitlyn Jenner has had more time adjusting to her new lifestyle as a woman.

The first episode of the new season centered around her posse of other transgenders…the same one’s from last season…and their new travel adventures.

Caitlyn being the queen mama that she is rented out a fab tour bus, gathered all the girls and their luggage and began a cross country adventure.

Sadly, the first night on the tour bus they had to stop at some 2 star hotel and that’s probably not the lifestyle Cait is used to.  The hotel tried and upgraded her to a room with a kitchenette…but it still looked cheap.

I really hope they can stop at a Four Seasons in the next episode.



Baby Shower Weekend


Chrissy Teigen’s  fabulous baby shower table setting.

Chrissy Teigen and Anne Hathaway recently had their baby showers.

Chrissy’s was more sophisticated and in keeping with her favorite neutral colors.

Anne’s was more low key.

According to US Magazine, Anne’s family threw her an outdoor bbq baby shower. 

Her guests laughed and giggled…yes..that’s what was reported.

Well…now that both baby showers are complete…that only means one thing.

The babies will be born soon!

Yeah!  But….who will be first?

My bet’s on Anne.


Sorry birds…no vacancy.

I love birds.

But when they decide to build a nest close to my front door…  I start acting like a lunatic.

Usually, I feel like an old person who is sitting on a front porch in a rocking chair …yelling at the whole world or loud car radios.

I just had to ask myself…

“Am I turning into a crotchety old bird lady…. who yells at sweet birds just looking for a new place to chill?”

Well…I guess I am.

Once I see those finches hanging out by my alcove …I lose my mind.

I open the door to scare them.  I walk outside in my pjs.  I do crazy stuff that normal people would never do to a sweet birdie….like make cat noises or clap my hands together.  Sure…like that’s gonna work!

Out of nowhere…maybe in the dead of night…a full nest of twigs and random stuff magically shows up.  How did the bird manage to do that? 

It’s usually at that moment when a bird is nestled in with his little head peeking out.  The sneaky bird is just taunting me. He is…I swear.

Sadly, I am left with no other choice.

That annoying bird wins every time.