Kate..you are going to the Taj Mahal! Start packing!


Dearest Kate,

Congratulations!  The news is you are going to visit the Taj Mahal during your royal trip to India.  

What? You are not that excited about going?  Is that why you were so indecisive?   

Well, it’s only natural to be worried about the state of your marriage. 

Remember?  It was only  2 months after Princess Diana visited the Taj Mahal  when her hubby Prince Charles kicked her out of the castle.  

So,   it’s understandable why that  vacay spot isn’t the happiest place on earth…especially for your hubby.  

I am sure Prince William wasn’t old enough to put two and two together…. but today?  Well he must have given it some thought.   He probably doesn’t want to tempt his own marriage by visiting the same spot where Diana was all alone and almost divorced!

No one could forget that lonely image of  Diana sitting by herself against that huge backdrop. It would make anyone cry.

But Kate…no worries.  

Your hubby is more of a “hands on” hubby.  He’s emotional and thoughtful.  Those qualities are pretty good.

Sure…there may have been a few times in the past year where he didn’t really care about your feelings.

Especially that time you gave birth to your new daughter and  he rushed you out of the hospital for that photo op.

What woman wants to put on pantyhose and a dress soon after giving birth?  That was a low moment in your marriage.

But, I know he’s tried to make it up to you by given you lots of social opportunities like that rugby match.

Anyways, hope you have fun in India.  Just don’t sit down alone and take a selfie.  

Talk to you soon.  


A concerned friend.



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