Adele’s reboot of her Grammy Performance

Adele was really upset that her audio was flawed during her Grammy performance.

So yesterday…..(thanks to Ellen)…. she had a chance to shine again when she appeared on The Ellen Show.

Ellen did everything she could to make the performance perfect.adele-zoom-080a4c0d-f83c-40fb-ba2e-2ddc5fbe25fc

She made her set similar to the Grammy’s.

She made sure the piano mics wouldn’t fall again and repeat Monday’s fiasco.

Ellen even dimmed her studio lights to look as if Adele was the only one in the room.

Finally,  Adele was able to sing her song without any strange audio sounds and be the diva that she is!

But…. now that Adele has performed her song again…it’s still missing that Adele.. Adele-ness.

For example, there were some moments in the song where she was still a little pitchy.  The blame could no longer be shifted to mic issues.

So…..I am going to blame it on her song.

I believe the song “All I Ask ” …the song she had to perform TWICE…  is a clunker of a song.

It still doesn’t inspire me.  It’s long, boring, and not the best.



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