Please leave Kate alone. Thank you.


Dear Kate,

Hey girl!  It’s been a few weeks since I last wrote to you. Happy New Year! 

I like to check in with you periodically to see how your New Year is starting off and also to see if you ever decided on that Caribbean vacation?  No?  Well..that’s ok.  Your best bet is to avoid that area anyways because of the Zika Virus.

Oh well.  

Recently there has been a lot of drama surrounding your newly defined eyebrows.

I wish everyone would just give you a’s hard to look pretty all the time.  And most women at one time or another are guilty of over filling our eyebrows.  Once you start it’s hard to stop!  

You should tell everyone to buggar off or something British like that.

In my opinion it looks like you just had a lousy night’s sleep.  

I mean…doesn’t anyone remember you just gave birth to a baby girl last summer?  Duh!

You are still in the throws of infancy development.  

Also, I am sure you are doing a lot of the caretaking .. so of course you must have been up all night with some baby issues.  You have my support.  I won’t judge you like the others.    One thing though… I do have some bad news.

Rumor has it that you are preggo again…with twins.

OK! magazine broke the story so you should tell William the bad news.

Anyways,  hang in there and keep on being you!


A concerned friend.





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