Anne and Chrissy are getting it right!


Anne Hathaway has finally honed in on her pregnancy fashion.

This look..above.. is very preggo chic and Kim Kardashian approved.

It has been a long journey for Miss Anne to find her style.

But now….since she has only a few more months left in her pregnancy….she has figured it out!

Thank goodness! 

Let’s see how Chrissy is managing her pregnancy look: 


Chrissy is still taking a page from Kim Kardashian’s pregnancy style.

Her legs are still looking great…no swollen ankles yet.  John must be relieved..

Sadly,  her face is starting to show a little “water retention”….a look that happens to a lot of pregnant mamas.  No worries Chrissy..that usually goes away once the baby is born.

Phew!  John is relieved…again. 

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