Anne and her Circle Dress


Anne is still struggling to find her perfect pregnancy look.

For example, this look above proudly features circle patterns.

When she chose her “circle” themed dress….what was she really trying to say?

Here is a pretend convo she might have had with her stylist:

Anne:   Hi! …we have this LA art function thing…but I feel really fat.

Stylist friend:  Well…how bout we try some new dresses that I just bought?

Anne:  Ok…I really love this circle dress…it like mimics my big circle underneath.

Stylist friend:  It’s like amazing.  And its in your favorite colors of black and white.

Anne:  Yes..I was looking through my paparrazi photos and I have been wearing a lot of those colors lately.  Are you sure I shouldn’t wear pink or gold or something? 

Stylist friend:  No.  Black is like preggo chic..and always hides fat and all that.

Anne:  But, you know Kim Kardashian and Chrissy Teigen swear by stretchy dresses and overcoats.  They seem to not care so much.  How bout I try that look?

Stylist friend:  Uhhh….well….I guess we could.  But, all I brought were these circle dresses.

Anne:  Ugh.  You are making me look so matronly.  I am only pregnant…I am not a 50 year old lady.  You’re fired!   I don’t have time for this..





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