Anne has decided to go for it!



Well…isn’t this amazing!?

My New Year’s goal of blogging about Anne Hathaway and Chrissy Teigen’s pregnancy is starting off with a winner.

Anne…I know I haven’t been too kind to you when focusing on your latest fashions but you have definitely stepped up your game.

For example, Chrissy has been holding a slight edge to your preggo fashion game but I think you are topping her now.

On Chrissy’s recent vacation she sported only a one piece swimsuit.  

You, on the otherhand, went all out!  Kudos!    

I am glad to see that you are starting to figure out this celebrity pregnancy thing.

 I mean…this is your time to take risks and go for it.. and the Kardashian’s and Chrissy Teigen’s of the world shouldn’t dominate all of the news all of the time.

I just heard that Bar Rafeli is pregnant you are getting a lot more competition in your realm.

Can’t wait to see what fashion’s you bring back to LA.

Enjoy your babymoon.





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