Community Service and Pregnancy

2f9c7b7300000578-0-image-a-37_1451101392006Pregnancy Fashion UPDATE:

It’s been a few weeks since my last posting, but Chrissy is still rocking the Kim Kardashian pregnancy fashion look.

Now she has moved into the “all black” phase .. so her belly must be getting huge!

It also seems that Chrissy likes to partake in “community service activities” like Kim Kardashian enjoyed while pregnant: sweeping sidewalks.

Kim managed to sweep in random parking garages while Chrissy seems to be helping out at various airports.

On another note:  

Anne Hathaway is still rocking the over 55 pregnancy look.  This time she added a long scarf with pom poms to her look. 

I guess the pom poms are there to redirect our eyes from her pregnant belly to her makeup free face?

I am hopeful she will catch on soon before it’s too late.


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