It’s Chrissy and Anne’s turn to Pregnancy Shine

It’s official.  Kim has had her baby boy and has given it a worthy name.  SAINT.  Now, we probably won’t see Kim in the public eye for a while until she starts corseting again.  It’s other people’s turn now.

Yes…Chrissy Teigen…it’s your time to shine.  Let’s see what you have been up to lately…

chrissy-teigen-600x800  A recent look of Chrissy.

OK….I see you are planning on taking over Kim’s monochromatic look.

I understand.  It worked for Kim so it certainly will work for you.

Anne Hathaway..let’s see if you are changing over into a more fashion forward pregnancy look….

2f2518f100000578-0-image-m-12_1449511069360  A recent pic of Anne.

Well…I see you may have moved on from the over 50 look to an Old Navy store maternity look.   You’re getting there.


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