Happy New Year!

The one thing great about the New Year approaching is that Chrissy Teigen and Anne Hathaway will be mama’s in 2016.  Yeah!  

Of course,  I will be watching them transform their pregnancy looks as their pregnancies progress. 

I hope that Anne finally figures out what looks good on her while pregnant.  

 She needs a lot of help right now.

Ok. That’s all.

What fun times ahead for these women!

Also, I might take a peek at Caitlyn Jenner’s everyday life again.  That’s always a mystery,  too.

Happy New Year! 

No Electric Scooters for Elton

Elton John was seen in Disneyland being pushed in a wheelchair.

His son was on his lap… so it was probably necessary for him to be pushed around in a wheelchair.  Just saying.

However, Elton could have rented one of those electric scooters to scoot him around to various rides and eating establishments.

Those are popular to many who visit those type of amusement parks. 

But, Elton must have thought differently.








Community Service and Pregnancy

2f9c7b7300000578-0-image-a-37_1451101392006Pregnancy Fashion UPDATE:

It’s been a few weeks since my last posting, but Chrissy is still rocking the Kim Kardashian pregnancy fashion look.

Now she has moved into the “all black” phase .. so her belly must be getting huge!

It also seems that Chrissy likes to partake in “community service activities” like Kim Kardashian enjoyed while pregnant: sweeping sidewalks.

Kim managed to sweep in random parking garages while Chrissy seems to be helping out at various airports.

On another note:  

Anne Hathaway is still rocking the over 55 pregnancy look.  This time she added a long scarf with pom poms to her look. 

I guess the pom poms are there to redirect our eyes from her pregnant belly to her makeup free face?

I am hopeful she will catch on soon before it’s too late.


Chrissy and her Pregnancy Coats…


Chrissy Teigen is still keeping up with the “Kim Kardashian pregnancy look”.  

As you may recall, Kim Kardashian loved to sport a stretchy dress with an overcoat over her dress.

It seems Chrissy has decided that she likes the same look.

However, she is a little more adventurous with her fabrics, as she opted for a gold shimmering material.

Kim K. would never wear that gold color combo…. by the way….

In other news, Chrissy has been spending a lot more time in LA.

She…. like her predecessor Kim ….is giving the paparazzi some “work” by showing up at dinner dates, and long walks with her man John Legend.

Ugh…This is going to be a long pregnancy.


It’s Chrissy and Anne’s turn to Pregnancy Shine

It’s official.  Kim has had her baby boy and has given it a worthy name.  SAINT.  Now, we probably won’t see Kim in the public eye for a while until she starts corseting again.  It’s other people’s turn now.

Yes…Chrissy Teigen…it’s your time to shine.  Let’s see what you have been up to lately…

chrissy-teigen-600x800  A recent look of Chrissy.

OK….I see you are planning on taking over Kim’s monochromatic look.

I understand.  It worked for Kim so it certainly will work for you.

Anne Hathaway..let’s see if you are changing over into a more fashion forward pregnancy look….

2f2518f100000578-0-image-m-12_1449511069360  A recent pic of Anne.

Well…I see you may have moved on from the over 50 look to an Old Navy store maternity look.   You’re getting there.


Anne Hathaway is pregnant, too!



Yeah!  Everyone is having a baby! Even Anne Hathaway is with child and glowing.

Good news for us commoners!  Because …once Kim Kardashian has her baby in the next couple of weeks, Chrissy Teigen will move up into her coveted spot and finally Anne Hathaway will have her chance.

It’s the hierarchy of pregnancy:

  1. Kim Kardashian
  2. Chrissy Teigen…and then
  3. Anne Hathaway


Anne will need to step up her pregnancy fashion game, though.  She has some tough competition.

Let’s look at the competition:

  1. Kim Kardashian:  She has had a lot of trial and error looks.  Since this is her second pregnancy, she made all her unfortunate pregnancy fashion looks during the first one.  Happily, she has narrowed down the “coat with monochromatic dress” as her go to look.
  2. Chrissy Teigen:  She is a model and is fashionable all the time.  She looks good in anything.  Also, since she is a model and a wife of a famous musician,  her belly won’t be allowed to get too big. 
  3. Anne Hathaway:  Well….your look is copying a 60 year old Chico’s customer.  Sure Chico’s might be an expensive store to shop in, but you are just getting started on your pregnancy journey so don’t mess it up with poor fashion choices like the one above in this picture.