Duchess Kate needs a Spa Day!


Dear Kate, 

Hi!  It has been a few months since I last wrote to you.  I hope all is well on your side of the pond.

It’s nice to see you doing solo engagements and curling your hair and wearing a dress with some heels.  

I hope baby Charlotte is well.  

It has been a few months already since you birthed her.  I know a new baby can reek havoc on a woman’s beauty routine.

How is the baby?  We haven’t really seen much of her out in public.

Is there anything wrong?

I hope not.

It looks like Prince William has you traveling with him for engagements.  Your royal duty always awaits!

I hope he squeezes in a spa day for you or a fancy dinner.  Having a newborn takes a lot out of a marriage.

Which brings me to your nails.  

I can excuse your lack of a manicure in this picture…well…because I know that’s low on your priority list.  

Besides, you already won the prize of marrying a prince.

And out of all the people in this world… it’s you who can miss a manicure once in a while.

It makes you humanlike and relatable.  

For example, I can go weeks without a polished nail.

Oh well.  Talk to you soon.  

Please share new pics of baby Charlotte before she turns into a toddler.

All my best!










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