Staying home alone wasn’t such a good idea!


The Home Alone movie franchise is celebrating it’s 25th film anniversary.

According to the Daily Mail,  the cute star Macaulay Culkin has led an adventurous life since the film was released.

I skipped through a lot of the tidbits from the article.

However, the article was keen on showing recent pics of some of the stars and how they look now compared to then.

Those type of comparisons are always disappointing.

It is 25 years later for goodness sakes!  

Macaulay looked surprisingly  worse for the wear.  Sadly his heroin addiction took hold of his youthful looks.

This is a snippet:

…”The late 1990s were relatively inactive for Macaulay and, even after returning to acting in 2000, the majority of his onscreen roles since have been cameos with the exception of a handful of movie roles. His biggest acting role of the past decade has been his voice work for animated comedy program Robot Chicken.”

The article continued with describing Culkin’s not so healthy lifestyle choices:

“…the actor, who is now 35, reportedly struggled with a drug addiction. In 2012, he was said to be close to death as he battled a devastating heroin addiction…..”

…”Although he managed to clean himself up, he reportedly replaced drugs with smoking up to 60 cigarettes a day, leading to new health fears for the troubled star.”

Ugh….I guess staying home alone (like in the movie ) wasn’t a good idea after all.

Alright….I know it’s was just a movie.


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