New Moms and their Instagram

Two women I know are crazy social media buffs.  They would post everyday..sometimes 2 or 3 times a day.  I could always count on them sharing something.

But, something is amiss now.

They recently had their babies.  

Before the arrival of their baby, they were oversharing everything.  They would share food pics, their bare pregnant belly, their face masks, babymoon vacations, and their dogs.  

I even got a glimpse of their “amazing” hubbies.

Each day, they would faithfully share their inner thoughts or pics of growing bellies.  It was like a love fest of pregnancy.

But, suddenly, once their baby came into the world they have been super quiet and are not sharing anything anymore!

It’s like 2 days can go by….which is a long time in Twitter world….and the only posting was their last thought.  

What has happened to these poor women?

  1. Are they suffering from some post pregnancy social media psychosis?  
  2. Are their brains so wired now in mama mode that they feel scandalous sharing a bikini pic?
  3. Are they losing interest in their hubbies and headed for divorce?
  4. Are they depressed because their perfect bodies and carefree life are no more?

I hope that baby grows up fast so I can get back to stalking.


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