Kim and Chrissy’s Dinner Date


Kim and Chrissy’s pregnancy styles finally met last night.

They had a date night out on the town.

My guess is the conversation centered around pregnancy, babies, and fashion.

Poor John.  He probably had to stay quiet the whole dinner.

I imagined what the dinner conversations were about especially because there were two pregnant ladies at the dinner table.  

Here are my made up scenarios of what might have been discussed:

  1. First, Kim dominated the convo once they sat down for dinner. Chrissy complimented her pregnancy style.  Kim smiled and told her that wearing coats was great since it hides a growing ass.  Chrissy agreed and took notes on her Samsung…. especially when Kim said near the end of the pregnancy she will need to shop in the men’s department for larger overcoats.
  2. Second, Chrissy told Kim that she was worried about getting really fat.  Kim told her not to worry…the coat will cover any problems.
  3. As the night went on Kim mentioned to Chrissy that she was so over being pregnant because her rings didn’t fit anymore.  Chrissy didn’t understand this concept but shook her head in agreement.
  4. Once dinner arrived, Chrissy was excited to pig out again.  She mentioned her food intake for the day and Kim just continued to smile looking at her phone.
  5. During a lull in the conversation, John piped in and asked where Kayne was but was quickly shushed by Chrissy.  Shut up John!
  6. After all parties split the checks and gave goodbye hugs….Kim said they should hang out again especially when Chrissy’s  bump gets bigger.  She mentioned going on a leisurely walk in matching stretchy dresses and coats would be so much fun!

They left on their merry way.

Of course these are only imaginary scenarios but it’s fun to think that these convos might have happened.


Closets are the Windows to the Soul of my Home

You know you have a problem when you wake up at 3am worrying about how to organize your closets.

Closets serve many purposes:

  1. Closets store clothing,shoes and hampers.
  2. They hang up coats.
  3. Random things like junk mail or winter boots are usually hidden in a closet.
  4. Also a closet is helpful when you need to hide crap that is laying about the house…..since you forget to clean up earlier. This usually happens when a guest arrives unexpectedly.

I knew I had a problem when I was wide awake thinking to myself all of these things.   These were some other  random thoughts:

….”Do I have enough garbage bags to start cleaning up my closet?”

…”Do I really need those long fancy gowns that have been in my closet for over 5 years?”

….”Is it easier to just dump the mismatched socks that are in a laundry basket in my closet and just start over again?”

Of course the answer  was yes to all of those questions.

So this morning as I woke up with less sleep than usual…I peeked around at the various closets in my home and realized that I would need to put in about a days work of organizing.

I was also trying to figure out the logistics of transporting the bags of goods to the local Salvation Army bins.  That is another worry in itself. Because sometimes it’s not so easy.

I think I would have to make a few trips. 

But hopefully the end result will be amazing and I will be able to free myself of the clutter that is filling my closets.





Duchess Kate needs a Spa Day!


Dear Kate, 

Hi!  It has been a few months since I last wrote to you.  I hope all is well on your side of the pond.

It’s nice to see you doing solo engagements and curling your hair and wearing a dress with some heels.  

I hope baby Charlotte is well.  

It has been a few months already since you birthed her.  I know a new baby can reek havoc on a woman’s beauty routine.

How is the baby?  We haven’t really seen much of her out in public.

Is there anything wrong?

I hope not.

It looks like Prince William has you traveling with him for engagements.  Your royal duty always awaits!

I hope he squeezes in a spa day for you or a fancy dinner.  Having a newborn takes a lot out of a marriage.

Which brings me to your nails.  

I can excuse your lack of a manicure in this picture…well…because I know that’s low on your priority list.  

Besides, you already won the prize of marrying a prince.

And out of all the people in this world… it’s you who can miss a manicure once in a while.

It makes you humanlike and relatable.  

For example, I can go weeks without a polished nail.

Oh well.  Talk to you soon.  

Please share new pics of baby Charlotte before she turns into a toddler.

All my best!










Staying home alone wasn’t such a good idea!


The Home Alone movie franchise is celebrating it’s 25th film anniversary.

According to the Daily Mail,  the cute star Macaulay Culkin has led an adventurous life since the film was released.

I skipped through a lot of the tidbits from the article.

However, the article was keen on showing recent pics of some of the stars and how they look now compared to then.

Those type of comparisons are always disappointing.

It is 25 years later for goodness sakes!  

Macaulay looked surprisingly  worse for the wear.  Sadly his heroin addiction took hold of his youthful looks.

This is a snippet:

…”The late 1990s were relatively inactive for Macaulay and, even after returning to acting in 2000, the majority of his onscreen roles since have been cameos with the exception of a handful of movie roles. His biggest acting role of the past decade has been his voice work for animated comedy program Robot Chicken.”

The article continued with describing Culkin’s not so healthy lifestyle choices:

“…the actor, who is now 35, reportedly struggled with a drug addiction. In 2012, he was said to be close to death as he battled a devastating heroin addiction…..”

…”Although he managed to clean himself up, he reportedly replaced drugs with smoking up to 60 cigarettes a day, leading to new health fears for the troubled star.”

Ugh….I guess staying home alone (like in the movie ) wasn’t a good idea after all.

Alright….I know it’s was just a movie.


Chrissy Teigen and Kim Kardashian Pregnancy Fashion


Move over Kim Kardashian.

Chrissy Teigen is stealing your monochromatic pregnancy look.

As you can see Kim has stayed true to her tan color scheme this pregnancy.

Chrissy,on the other hand,  has ventured into the gray green colors.  She also added a dog feature for her pregnancy look.

The dog compliments her shoes and hair,  too.  Good job Chrissy!

 (That’s a nice touch by the way.)

Note to Kim:  Purchase a cute dog to deflect attention away from your cankles.

Speaking of cankles.

Chrissy’s shoes are similar to Kim Kardashian’s strappy heels.  

But the pregnancy bump has a little bit more growing to do.

So Kim….you still win in that department!

Farmers Market donuts

The only thing fun at a famers market are the homemade donuts.

I am not interested in guitar string jewelry, or homemade soaps, or bushels of lettuce.

I am only interested in the apple cider sugar donuts and a cup of hot cider.


Farmers Market donuts are pretty tasty.

Justin Timberlake and Jessica Biel had another date night

The CMAs Award show was on last night and even though I hardly ever listen to country music…I gave it my 100% TV watching commitment.

When the news broke that Blake Shelton and Gwen Stefani were an item, I just had to watch the show to get a sneek peek of a cat fight that sadly never happened.  Gwen and Blake’s ex wife, Miranda Lambert were kept far a part.  Dang it.

Another exciting thing from the show was that Jessica Biel was allowed to go out in public again with her hubby Justin Timberlake.  He was performing with the hot item of the night Chris Stapleton.

Yes..   her man Justin is super talented and is trying to dominate all genres of music…  and my guess is he will do it.  Go get em Justin Timberlake.

This was their cute Twitter pic.  Glad to see them happy.

New Moms and their Instagram

Two women I know are crazy social media buffs.  They would post everyday..sometimes 2 or 3 times a day.  I could always count on them sharing something.

But, something is amiss now.

They recently had their babies.  

Before the arrival of their baby, they were oversharing everything.  They would share food pics, their bare pregnant belly, their face masks, babymoon vacations, and their dogs.  

I even got a glimpse of their “amazing” hubbies.

Each day, they would faithfully share their inner thoughts or pics of growing bellies.  It was like a love fest of pregnancy.

But, suddenly, once their baby came into the world they have been super quiet and are not sharing anything anymore!

It’s like 2 days can go by….which is a long time in Twitter world….and the only posting was their last thought.  

What has happened to these poor women?

  1. Are they suffering from some post pregnancy social media psychosis?  
  2. Are their brains so wired now in mama mode that they feel scandalous sharing a bikini pic?
  3. Are they losing interest in their hubbies and headed for divorce?
  4. Are they depressed because their perfect bodies and carefree life are no more?

I hope that baby grows up fast so I can get back to stalking.