Boo Mix is full of Ghost Poop

I felt very Halloween-y today and decided to make a fun,  festive food treat made of ghost poop.

It’s called BOO MIX and sometimes MONSTER MIX.

Boo Mix consists of:

  1. Candy corn    (GOBLIN TEETH)
  2. Mini marshmallows   (GHOST POOP)
  3. Golden graham cereal  (MUMMY SCABS)
  4. Chocolate chips.   (WITCHES WARTS)

You mix about 1/2 cup each in a ziploc bag or festive treat bag and tie it up.

It turned out to be a pretty good treat to eat while watching TV or just walking outside during a fall day.

Which got me to thinking, why would anyone want to eat ghost poop, goblin teeth, witches warts, or mummy scabs?

Those items in real life would be pretty disgusting.

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