I’d like a Nanny who Scowls please….Thank You…

Ben Affleck, two of his kids, and the nanny went to the farmers market yesterday. The paps were there to document the lovely afternoon.

Jennifer obviously picked out the new nanny, but I think she should have picked an older one who looks more matronly.  She keeps making the same mistake over and over.

 Remember the last nanny who cheated with her hubby?

Also, the new nanny looks really pissed and moody and that isn’t the kind of energy you want in a nanny.

A happy, cheerful, smiling nanny is better suited for taking care of kids.

Instead, it looks like the Affleck’s went for an angry nanny..

Now the whole family is taking on her mood.

Check out the son in the picture above.

He should be happy right now.  But he looks pissed.

Out of all those Affleck boys, he should be smiling the most.  Why? Well….

  1. He’s young.
  2. He has mommy and daddy’s good looks.  
  3. He has a potential to inherit a mega trust fund.  
  4. He won’t be expected to do much in life except maybe act or spend time with his parents.
  5. …..and…he likes funny hats. 

That screams happy!! 

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