The Housewives of Beadorville

Last night’s TV viewing consisted of Bravo TV’s  The ReaHousewives of Orange County  and  Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen.

The WWHL show featured a sit down interview with the Beador’s who happen to be on the Housewives show.

Their marriage was under a lot of scrutiny this season, since the Beador’s patriarch character, David, decided to forsake his wedding vows and carry on with another married woman for 8 months.

This caused a great story line with the two of them and their struggles in rebuilding their marriage.

Andy Cohen,  the host of WWHL,  decided it would be a good idea to sit them both down for an in-depth counseling session/interview.


It didn’t go off as well as it should have.

The twitter trolls of the universe had a field day.

  The Beloved Wife and the Scoundrel

It was torturous and emasculating.

Some piece of advice:

Men who cheat will never look good in the public eye..under any circumstances. Why?  These are some reasons:

  1. Men who cheat for 8 months and get caught are scoundrels.
  2. Also, men who give their wedding ring to their young daughters…just so THEY can give it to their mom….well, that’s just cowardly.
  3. Finally, because this man looks unapologetic.

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