But Demi…I thought you were different than those other girls…

Demi Lovato…ugh….not this!

It was just a few days ago when I was proclaiming the greatness of Demi Lovato and how she hadn’t fallen victim to nude photoshoots and all that mess.

But, I spoke too soon.

Sadly, Demi has decided to join the Disney Star’s who Love to get Naked Club.

Past greats include Britney Spears, Christina Aguilera, Miley Cyrus, Ashley Tisdale, and that Latina girl from all those High School Musicals…Now it’s you…. Miss Demi Lovato.  You.

Your career was on fire, you had a lot of money and a semi- clean image going for you. 

But, thanks to the Disney Naked Club curse, that’s ruined.


Vanity Fair is not the right medium for a stripped off clothing PR piece.

It used to be a classy magazine.

Now your nakedness will be a part of the lower class Vanity Fair. 


2 thoughts on “But Demi…I thought you were different than those other girls…

  1. The point of Demi Lovato’s photoshoot is to show a makeup-free, no photoshop, natural shoot. The purpose is to represent positive body image. In no way is it in relation to stars like Miley Cyrus. Demi’s story and her goal to stop Stigma in Mental Health issues is an inspiration to many young girls. Her shoot is spontaneous and out of the ordinary, and i admit i was shocked when i saw it too.
    In my opinion, i would much rather see a celebrity in their natural skin spreading positive body messages to young girls instead of having VS models teach young girls they are not good enough if they don’t match those standards.
    Stars begin in Disney, but Demi is 23 and has different routes, different music, etc.
    Demi has struggled with an eating disorder her entire life. If you look at her perspective, props to her for learning how to be healthy and loving herself for who she is.
    It was not a nude shoot that was supposed to appear “sexy” or “inappropriate.” It is representing true beauty in a natural human body.
    Demi was brave for putting herself out there and to send that message. You do not have to wear a ton of makeup and skimpy clothes to feel “confident” you can simply, be you.
    Just sharing my perspective, but i completely understand your reaction.


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