The Today Show needs Wendy Williams Costume Budget

  Today was a Peanut’s Movie Halloween Costume Battle. 

And it looks like The Wendy WIlliams Show has a bigger costume budget than the Today Show.  The Wendy Williams Show did an amazing job and the Today Show was meh.

Yes..out of all the people in the Today Show cast…… the role of Lucy was given to Matt Lauer.

And that was a really bad idea. 

Sorry Today Show.

But you scared most of the population with your awful costumes.

Justin and Jessica and their Mojo!

Justin and Jessica have their mojo on again.

E! online has been hinting that they “can’t keep their hands off each other” just because they have been seen out in public without their new baby for two nights in a row.

Sure, they look happy.

But, from the looks of this picture Justin is still the man in charge.  

Luckily, Jessica was able to put on a pretty dress two nights in a row. 

That’s like a new mother’s dream…to wear spanx over the course of two days AND pretend to be in the moment.

I mean…she is a new mama.  And new mama’s only think about their babies that they left at home with someone else.

Alright Jessica.  We will see you in another six months.  Justin has met his social requirements and it’s time for you to go be a mama again.

Kim Kardashian’s New Accessory

Kim Kardashian’s Pregnancy Style update:

Kim is still going monochromatic. 

An added look recently is her scarf…an accessory whose sole purpose is to deflect our eyes away from her growing belly.  

Sorry.  It’s not really working.

But, her shoes are starting to draw attention to her swollen feet again.


Caitlyn Jenner likes to Dress Up for a Movie

Caitlyn…your show may be on hiatus but it’s good to see that the paparazzi are keeping close tabs on your whereabouts.

I guess you went to the movies on Saturday night?

If I hadn’t read the headlines I would of guessed you were attending a fancy cocktail party.  Your sparkly top…your fancy shoes are more suited for a cocktail party.  

So I was surprised to see that you were just hanging out at a Los Angeles Multiplex movie theater with friends. 

I don’t remember dressing so fancy for a movie …..ever.

Oh well.  


Sean Penn is Madonna’s groupie

Sean Penn has been spotted again at a Madonna Concert.

Repeat.  Sean Penn has been “groupie” stalking his ex-wife Madonna at her concert again.

Let’s look at the facts about a groupie ….which is similar to Sean:

  1. Groupies attend lots of Madonna concerts in one year’s time.  Sean has been to two shows so far.
  2. Groupies always try to get the attention from the rock star.    Sean is smiling, waving and googley eyed.
  3. Groupies are always in the first few rows of a concert.   Sean is about two rows from the stage.

He seems to fit all of that “groupie” criteria.

Let’s hope his perseverance pays off for the old-new relationship.

They seem perfect together.

Boo Mix is full of Ghost Poop

I felt very Halloween-y today and decided to make a fun,  festive food treat made of ghost poop.

It’s called BOO MIX and sometimes MONSTER MIX.

Boo Mix consists of:

  1. Candy corn    (GOBLIN TEETH)
  2. Mini marshmallows   (GHOST POOP)
  3. Golden graham cereal  (MUMMY SCABS)
  4. Chocolate chips.   (WITCHES WARTS)

You mix about 1/2 cup each in a ziploc bag or festive treat bag and tie it up.

It turned out to be a pretty good treat to eat while watching TV or just walking outside during a fall day.

Which got me to thinking, why would anyone want to eat ghost poop, goblin teeth, witches warts, or mummy scabs?

Those items in real life would be pretty disgusting.

I’d like a Nanny who Scowls please….Thank You…

Ben Affleck, two of his kids, and the nanny went to the farmers market yesterday. The paps were there to document the lovely afternoon.

Jennifer obviously picked out the new nanny, but I think she should have picked an older one who looks more matronly.  She keeps making the same mistake over and over.

 Remember the last nanny who cheated with her hubby?

Also, the new nanny looks really pissed and moody and that isn’t the kind of energy you want in a nanny.

A happy, cheerful, smiling nanny is better suited for taking care of kids.

Instead, it looks like the Affleck’s went for an angry nanny..

Now the whole family is taking on her mood.

Check out the son in the picture above.

He should be happy right now.  But he looks pissed.

Out of all those Affleck boys, he should be smiling the most.  Why? Well….

  1. He’s young.
  2. He has mommy and daddy’s good looks.  
  3. He has a potential to inherit a mega trust fund.  
  4. He won’t be expected to do much in life except maybe act or spend time with his parents.
  5. …..and…he likes funny hats. 

That screams happy!! 

How you doing Wendy?

The Wendy Williams Show is the best talk show out there right now.

She’s fun. She tells it like it is.  She is always on top of the latest gossip.

I try to watch her whenever I can.  My workouts coincide with her talk show…because it’s good to mindlessly do an elliptical while I am getting an earful of celebrity gossip.  Those first  20 minutes of gossip talk go by quickly on an elliptical.  Workouts are fun again!

The only bad thing is if I start my workout late and I have missed the first 5 minutes of the show….it’s makes me sad.

That’s is usually when all the super juicy good stuff is discussed.

The Housewives of Beadorville

Last night’s TV viewing consisted of Bravo TV’s  The ReaHousewives of Orange County  and  Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen.

The WWHL show featured a sit down interview with the Beador’s who happen to be on the Housewives show.

Their marriage was under a lot of scrutiny this season, since the Beador’s patriarch character, David, decided to forsake his wedding vows and carry on with another married woman for 8 months.

This caused a great story line with the two of them and their struggles in rebuilding their marriage.

Andy Cohen,  the host of WWHL,  decided it would be a good idea to sit them both down for an in-depth counseling session/interview.


It didn’t go off as well as it should have.

The twitter trolls of the universe had a field day.

  The Beloved Wife and the Scoundrel

It was torturous and emasculating.

Some piece of advice:

Men who cheat will never look good in the public eye..under any circumstances. Why?  These are some reasons:

  1. Men who cheat for 8 months and get caught are scoundrels.
  2. Also, men who give their wedding ring to their young daughters…just so THEY can give it to their mom….well, that’s just cowardly.
  3. Finally, because this man looks unapologetic.

But Demi…I thought you were different than those other girls…

Demi Lovato…ugh….not this!

It was just a few days ago when I was proclaiming the greatness of Demi Lovato and how she hadn’t fallen victim to nude photoshoots and all that mess.

But, I spoke too soon.

Sadly, Demi has decided to join the Disney Star’s who Love to get Naked Club.

Past greats include Britney Spears, Christina Aguilera, Miley Cyrus, Ashley Tisdale, and that Latina girl from all those High School Musicals…Now it’s you…. Miss Demi Lovato.  You.

Your career was on fire, you had a lot of money and a semi- clean image going for you. 

But, thanks to the Disney Naked Club curse, that’s ruined.


Vanity Fair is not the right medium for a stripped off clothing PR piece.

It used to be a classy magazine.

Now your nakedness will be a part of the lower class Vanity Fair.