Caitlyn Jenner should go on a Yacht, too.

Bravo TV….. thank you.

Now that the I am Cait series is over, I have managed to replace the emptiness of that show with another show.

Except this new show has nothing to do with freaky trans things.

It does, however, have yachts and 20 somethings and fun, drinking, and colorful guests.

Yes, Bravo TV has done it again with its new season of Below Deck, season 3.

Below Deck has some soap opera drama, some playful story lines, some hunky staff and of course lots of inside drama of yachty chefs not getting along with yachty Stews.

The only thing that would make this show explosive is if Cailtyn Jenner starred as one of the special guests on the yacht with her trans friends.

Now, that would be something to see! But sadly, Cait might have issues dressing up in a bathing suit.  And last I heard, you need to love hot tubs and jet skiing and swimming in the Caribbean to enjoy a yacht.

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