Beyonce’s Guide to Yachting


Beyonce’s guide to Yachting 101.

Beyonce has the most amazing, luxurious, carefree life ever!

She and her hubby love the yachting life.

All the pictures of Beyonce lately have been on her yacht swimming, eating, playing with daughter, sunbathing, stretching, dancing and walking about in high heels and caftans.

I am not sure if she has even visited any of her American properties lately.

I hope that no one has been taking advantage of those residences and making themselves at home while she’s been yachting it up.

Who wouldn’t want to stay on a yacht for a long period of time if they owned a yacht as wonderful as Beyonce and Jay-Z?

Her yachting life is a dream.  If you own a yacht like Beyonce…..

  1. You can spend your days and nights eating fabulous meals al fresco.
  2. You can take mini dips in the full sized pool onboard.
  3. You can partake in an impromptu dance party on the upper deck.
  4. You can sleep all day.
  5. You can sunbathe on all parts of the yacht.
  6. You can quickly send anyone overboard who gets on your nerves ..(well, not sure about that one)
  7. You can enjoy life’s finery and laugh at everyone else who is living a normal life.

Oh Beyonce…

Your life is a dream..

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