The Girl who Married too Soon…A Cautionary Tale

Kaley Cuoco and her hubby are divorcing.

I wonder why?

The picture above clearly shows the newlyweds love and happiness.

I have never seen two newlyweds so happy.

At least they are making the right decision.

It got me to thinking of this statement: “Act in haste repent in leisure”.

I also wrote a letter to Kaley in her time of need.

Dear Kaley:

Never get married to someone you’ve only dated for 3 months, because guess what…the honeymoon phase of the relationship always ends.  Then you are stuck with unhappy photos of you and your spouse during public outings.

 Also,  since you are a woman who doesn’t like being married, you’ll go through lots of hair experimentation because of your unhappiness.


A concerned fan

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