The Muppets have become Moody

The Muppets have lost their minds….or at least the Muppet Show writers have lost their minds.

Sadly, if one always remembered the Muppets as being fun loving happy puppets….well, now they have been replaced with testy, defensive, miserable, and full of crap puppets.  Thanks Disney.

I was hoping that the world was nice again.

But it’s not.  The world sucks and the Muppets agree.

Let’s recap some story lines from this evening.

Remember how the crotchity old men would sit in a balcony and make fun of the show?

Well, the new show has moved them from the special VIP box now to a front row seat at the Muppet Theater.  Their role has been minimized to nothingness.

Just like real seniors are the forgotten ones, the new show was kind enough to make them the same.  It’s looks as if no one will take them home afterwards.  They are now a part of the forgotten generation.

Another obvious theme running through the new show centers around the relationship and consequential breakup of Miss Piggy and Kermit.  

I knew it was not going to be the happy-go-lucky Muppet Show when Kermit introduced a new Muppet friend as his new love. Let’s just say the new Piggy puppet was trampy, not glamorous, complacent, secretary-like.. and bimbo like.

Kinda like the busty woman who was on Mad Men.

And Kermit is obviously holding a lot of resentment, because he is very argumentative, testy, and not feeling the love for Miss Piggy anymore. He speaks of things no froggy should ever say.  Oh my!

Also, emotional eating was introduced for the first time in Muppet history.  

You see.  Kermit has replaced his love for Miss Piggy with food.  Miss Piggy was kind enough to point out Kermit’s new food belly.  Yikes!

You will have to watch the show in order to understand the craziness of that story.

Here are some tidbits of dialogue from tonight’s show:

  1. “too many women…too many towns”    ANIMAL
  2. “I once saw her lift up a piano to get to a half-eaten moon pie”
  3. “My life is a bacon wrapped hell on Earth”  –  KERMIT


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