Duchess Kate is out and about again!

Dear Kate,

It’s been a few months since I last penned you a letter.  Last time I wrote to yours truly was when you birthed your new baby girl Charlotte.

By the way, thanks for not sharing any pictures of her lately.  Smooth move as a protective mama bear.  That’s the new fashion of famous mothers these days…to hide their babies from the public eye.  And also the new trend is to refer to themselves as a “Mama Bear”.

Even Carrie Underwood refuses to show the face of her bundle of joy. All we can see on her Instagram is the back of her baby’s head.  

I think once she decides it’s too much work to always show back of head shots Carrie will share again.  But, for now we can only pretend to know what her baby looks like and that is dangerous.  We might be disappointed or pleasantly surprised once she reveals the lovely baby.    Just wait!  

But, you are royalty so it’s completely understandable.  Carrie Underwood?  Not so much.  I digress…

Anyways, I was happy to hear that the hubby is requiring you to do appearances again.  Now we can see you out and about again…living life.  I mean, I know that is your wifely duty and all so get to it!

What a good way to spend your second day out….. at a beefy Rugby match.  I am guessing you enjoyed yourself a lot more than some boring ceremony.  

Rugby matches are like eye candy……so my guess is that happy smile on your face was only a natural, uncontrolled reaction to seeing hot rugby men with their big leg muscles and fit bodies.

Thanks hubby for allowing you to live again!

But getting back to my letter, I hope new baby is doing well.  Some in the gossip world are already plotting your divorce or forcing a new pregnancy on you again.  I am guessing the world has it all wrong.

You were just taking a break, swimming about in your pool, drinking some champs.  

Oh well.

Keep your spirits up.  Love the new parted bangs look.  That is so “in” right now. 

Yours truly,


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