A bowl of cereal is better in the morning

When it comes to picking out a breakfast item in the morning, especially on rushed days, I always go for a bowl of cereal.

I sometimes make an egg or some pancakes, but those take a lot of time and prep work.  Plus, it also leaves dirty dishes to clean and that’s like the LAST thing I want to worry about in the morning. Sadly, sometimes the dinner plates are still waiting for me in the sink.  Ugh.  I call that kitchen laziness, or “watching some TV show last night that was far more important than washing a frying pan.”

Cereal falls into two categories:

  1. Healthy.
  2. Not so healthy.

The temptation of picking out the Apple Jacks over the Cheerios is pretty strong.  I am not able to make sound decisions at 7am in the morning.

Cereal companies know this because all the fun cereals have bright colors, or a cute leprechaun or happy something smirking through the box.

The box is saying make a bad choice.  Go for it.

Sadly, the healthy Cheerios or Honey Bunches of Oats, or boring bran flakes are subtle and contain images of grains,  or bowls of cereal,  or big letters that say healthy eating, less calories,and lots of fiber.  Those are super serious themes.

That’s right.  Healthy cereals mean business.  Nothing cheerful.  Nothing full of sugars.  All full of health in a bowl.

But I like eating a bowl of brightly colored orange and green rings.  That pop of color gets my mornings moving!

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