Miss America, I am Cait, and the US Open…. a night to remember..

Last night was a difficult night for TV watching.

First, the US Open Men’s finals were on.  Second, the season finale of I am Cait aired on E! and lastly, the live Miss America was being aired….it was really hard to choose.

The US OPEN obviously was last on my list, so I viewed it only during commercial breaks.  It was obvious that Federer was going to lose…so that was that.

The I am Cait series required my full attention so I recorded that show to watch later that evening.

So ultimately I decided to watch the Miss America Pagent because it was the only show I could make fun of while watching. 

Nick Jonas was touted as the music curator for the show this year, and sadly, his music choices sounded like something played in a bad club in Miami.  It was hard to focus on the competition when all you could focus on was Nick’s poor music choices.

He proudly chose Taylor Swift, Ed Sheeran, Demi Lovato, and some other popular pop tunes.  It was like the audience was forced to sit through a bad Las Vegas pop show.

Even during the oh so important interview part of the competition,  the contestants looked like they had trouble hearing the questions as the peppy beats Nick picked out continued playing in the background.

Ahem…Nick…that would of been a perfect time to play some smooth jazz or orchestra music.

Next, all the judges looked bored and the cameras would awkwardly show their expressionless faces at weird times.

For example, the two men judges were given creepy airtime during the bathing suit part. It was very uncomfortable seeing the dude from Shark Tank smirking when the pretty girls pranced up in their bikinis.

The women judges must have been told the same thing to remain emotionless since Vanessa WIlliams and Zendaya looked like they were being cast in the new Mean Girls part 2 movie.  

Also, the show was only on for 2 hours, so there was a lot of panic behind the scenes.  Contestants were whisked away immediately after their talent portion, and looked as if they were in a state of undress on stage….rushing to make the next segment.

All in all, there wasn’t much controversy and the show ended as quickly as it started.  

As my evening was winding down, I had a little bit of time to watch the I am Cait that I recorder earlier.  I was very intriguded with the teasers so I had to check it out before bedtime.

  This is the show recap in a few sentences:

  1. First, Caitlyn had a self centered sit down talk with her ex Kris Jenner.
  2. Cait was very cold, stonefaced and really not into the visit.  She was so over the ex-wife, and acted like the marriage never existed.
  3. Kris left..they took a selfie…lipstick on the cheek kisses included.
  4. Next, comes the sit down ladies luncheon at the swanky Four Seasons Hotel.  All of Cait’s new trans bff’s  were talking about God and looking for a trans pastor to officiate Cait’s name change ceremony.
  5. Afterwards, the girls met Boy George and the Gay men’s Chorus…all of Cait’s new friends were super excited to be in their presence , too.
  6. By the way, if it wasn’t for Cait’s celebrity, her “new” friends would never of had the opportunity to rub shoulders with any famous person like Boy George.
  7. As the show was wrapping up, the love story of Candice and Cait continues.  Are they or aren’t they dating?  I smell a second series coming…
  8. Finally, at the naming ceremony, all the women wore white dresses, Cait looked like she was wasted, and Candace sang Amazing Grace with Boy George and the chorus…. but changed some of the words to fit the moment.    “Saved a wretch like me.”…. was changed to something else.

That was about it.

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