I am Cait update….sorry.

The I am Cait miniseries docu drama continues and I just can’t stop watching them!  Even though the ratings for the show have been down…I am still committed.  

Caitlyn is staying on course and hasn’t thrown in the towel yet on her dresses and makeup… so I won’t give up watching her expensive Ryan Seacrest show either.

I do see her being drawn back to her old man ways though.  See, in this weeks episode, she managed to bring her new BFF Candace’s car to the garage and also pumped her some gas.  

I suspect her new friends are using this opportunity for freebies.  You know… a private jet trip here, a dinner there, a car payment later.   I am just kidding.  I have no proof.

But after the thrill of makeup, styling one’s hair and picking out designer dresses,  life does get a little boring.  

Sure, Caitlyn was still tying in the social causes of her transgenderism on this weeks show, but she was also hanging around her new BFFs at various dinner parties and scenarios.

Caitlyn Jenner is struggling with the same issues on her sexuality. 

She still hasn’t answered that.  Even a trip to a male club couldn’t convince her.

Her new BFF, Candace, joked about maybe she should date Cait.  The drama continues….


I know it.

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