Caitlyn Jenner had a sleepover!

The summer is getting the best of this blog.

I did however catch another “I am Cait” episode on E!  this weekend.

I am just as confused like the last time when I watched this show…And, it’s getting more tense for Caitlyn with her Kardashian clan.  They obviously are having a little drama.  

Obviously, Cait is moving on to other friends and family, and forgetting about her old family. 

Kim and Khloe had some choice words to share with Caitlyn.  But, Caitlyn seems more concerned about her hair and makeup, or going on her first “sleepover” to worry about feelings…

Sure, older women in their 60s always fit in a sleepover at some point in their middle ages.  

Ugh.  Such girl drama.

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