Caitlyn Jenner had a sleepover!

The summer is getting the best of this blog.

I did however catch another “I am Cait” episode on E!  this weekend.

I am just as confused like the last time when I watched this show…And, it’s getting more tense for Caitlyn with her Kardashian clan.  They obviously are having a little drama.  

Obviously, Cait is moving on to other friends and family, and forgetting about her old family. 

Kim and Khloe had some choice words to share with Caitlyn.  But, Caitlyn seems more concerned about her hair and makeup, or going on her first “sleepover” to worry about feelings…

Sure, older women in their 60s always fit in a sleepover at some point in their middle ages.  

Ugh.  Such girl drama.

The “I am Cait” docu series continues..with lots of unanswered questions…

I was drawn into another I am Cait episode.  I will give it one more week, but I am getting a little confused.

In this weeks episode, there was mention of a crush of another transgender… sex work.  Caitlyn was super emotional.  She was worried about her male vocals hanging around…and also about putting on a bathing suit.  

Caitlyn talked about playing golf as a woman…(not so important) and also was seen running away from the paparazzi.

But, I am a little confused about the dating, falling in love, attraction part of Caitlyn’s transgender thing.  I’ll admit.  I am not understanding that at all.  Is she a lesbian?  Is he gay?  It’s quite difficult to understand.  Maybe next week she will explain her sexual identity.

I still have one thing lingering in my mind.  Just like the other transgender women on the show, they were a little skeptical and jealous that Cait’s transition was flawless.  They blamed it on her privilege and socio-economic mega millions status…which I guess makes turning into a woman pretty easy.  

The average joe who wants to be a woman might struggle more because they don’t have the luxury of a makeup artist, hairdresser, or fancy wardrobe.  They probably have to shop at Chicos, or Lane Bryant to get the best girly look.

Maybe the other transgender women have a point?  

But, I have another concern.  It has more to do with Cait’s age, and her senior years.  I wrote her this letter.

Dear Cait..

You are in your twilight years.  A time when you SHOULD be playing dress up all day, or taking a swim in your infinity pool, and drinking some wine. But now you seem to be surrounding yourself with people who aren’t the same socio economic status (sorry) and maybe more on the freak spectrum (sorry again).   In this last episode, you were taking trips to the inner city, and going on bus trips to cabins that weren’t as well appointed as your Malibu home.  I am sure you know that your home looks like it came out of an Architectural Digest magazine photo shoot.  But, that cabin you stayed in with your new trans friends?  … was a step down from your Kardashian days.  Kim would never have approved of such accommodations. 

Oh well.  Don’t forget your kids.  

Signed, A fan who is not transgender.