Caitlyn requires a lot of primping

The I am Cait docu series finally aired last Sunday.

I missed it’s debut.  Whoops!

But, I did make some time yesterday to watch it on the DVR, and boy!  was it something.

I am concerned that Bruce, ehem…Caitlyn is becoming one of those “stereotypes” of a woman who always worries about how they look.

I though for sure with Caitlyn’s athletic background that she would be an easygoing woman, running around in yoga pants, sunglasses, pony tail, and no makeup.

You know….a woman like Kate Hudson, or Jessica Alba, or Madonna… who doesn’t care how they look but are naturally pretty.  

Those athletic types of women are more confident, and not victims of the beauty industry.

But Caitlyn…you are on the other side of the spectrum.  You are more like Sofia Vergara, Kim Kardashian, or Beyonce.

Those type of women require glam squads, tons of makeup, blow outs, hair curling, and designer fashions.


Thanks for pushing ladies back 40 years Caitlyn.

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