Dear Hilaria….Momma’s and lingerie don’t mix

Dear Hilaria Baldwin, wife of famous actor Alec Baldwin,

We know you are proud of your ever shrinking baby belly.


But, one day, your new son, Rafael is going surf the web and see that his mommy loved to dress up in lingerie pics each week.  My guess is he won’t be ok with that as a teen.  An impressionable boy doesn’t need to associate lingerie with his momma.

So, in the hopes of a more sane child for the future please put on some workout clothes to share your belly.

Obviously, no one is asking to see your sexy lingerie post baby.  

Is Alec forcing this behavior on you?  

We know you are super fit, and a super woman, and all that.   

I know you  said that you are trying to help other women feel ok with their bodies post baby, but guess what, most woman aren’t like you!

So please, put on some clothes….


3 thoughts on “Dear Hilaria….Momma’s and lingerie don’t mix

  1. I can imagine the poor kid growing up, staring at his girlfriend in her underwear and going “Why does that look familiar? Hmm…wait a second…No! Noo!!” 😀


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